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Pound weakens following Bank of England minutes – Once again the Pound fails to stick around at 1.20

Good morning all, sorry about the lack of posting in the last few days, I spent Tuesday at the brit awards and yesterday feeling like I had been hit by a train!

Yesterday whilst I was on anual leave the Bank of England minutes were realeased and indeed led to major Sterling weakness pretty much against all majors and once again stinging those that have 1.20 stuck in their mind as the only rate they are willing to buy Euros at. This is the 8th time Sterling has risen above 1.20 for a minor amount of time and then bombed so next time please bear this in mind, like I have said on the site many times before the people one step ahead out there aim for slightly less than everyone else (1.19) as to get through 1.20 and stay above there the movement has to be so strong that it breaks through the millions of orders at 1.20.

Of course this has been fantastic news for those selling foreign currency, personally I cannot see the Pound staying low for a major amount of time, indeed I feel it will be fairly range bound, however now at a lower level than we have seen.

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