Have you found the site useful? After two years of being live I have assisted hundreds of new clients that have contacted me through this site.

I have been dealing with private and corporate clients with the need to transfer currency for years now, and without showing off know the market and the process like the back of my hand.

Whether it be buying a dream home in France, buying tractor parts from Poland or sending home wages from Switzerland I can personally help.

I work for Foreign Currency Direct PLC and we are a specialist foreign exchange brokerage, we pride ourselves on not only the best exchange rates but also a very high level of customer service too…. If you have found my site useful over the past few years (I now get nearly 30,000 hits a month so someone must like it :) ) do feel free to contact me directly djw@currencies.co.uk – I have outlined the simple process below… Even if you have a current broker there is no harm in comparing, people often find that by making a quick enquiry with me I can actually save them quite a lot of money.

Trading with me at Foreign Currency Direct is simple and easy – All you need to
do to set up a trading facility is click on the link to Foreign Currency Direct
below and fill in the online registration form which takes approximately 2-3

Opening a trading facility incurs no costs and carries no
obligation to trade through us, it simply puts you in a position to book out a
rate should you wish to.

(click here)

Once the registration is completed I will personally get in touch with you to
discuss your requirements.

Foreign Currency Direct have been awarded ‘best exchange rates’ for three years
running by the Sunday Times – A great credit to the company and it also goes to
show that we can save you a great deal of money at a time where everyone is
trying to tighten their budgets.

Once the facility is open and I has achieved you a rate that you are happy with
it is again a very simple process from there forward which I will outline

1) You go through a brief verbal agreement over the phone in order to book out
your rate.

2) Within 5 minutes I will forward across a contract note to you which can be
emailed, posted or faxed which will contain all the details of the transaction,
our bank account details for you to transfer to and a section for you to fill
in with the details of where you would like the funds to be sent.

3) Once a rate is booked FCD generally ask for settlement within 2 working
days, and once funds are received and everything in place we send your funds
out as a ‘swift’ international transfer – they should arrive in your designated
account within 1-3 working days.

4) Upon funds being sent out we can provide an internationally
recognised proof of transfer which will detail where funds have been sent and
when they are due to be credited, extremely helpful when transferring funds

I would be happy to help you in any circumstance so I await to hear from you.


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