Pound hangs around pivotal points against a number of major currencies (Daniel Wright)

Sterling exchange rates are currently sat around a number of key levels which we may see broken through over the course of trading next week.

We have the Pound sat near 1.20 against the Euro, 1.25 against the Dollar, 1.70 against the Australian Dollar and 1.80 against the New Zealand Dollar.

Economic data for the U.K still continues to be solid post referendum and although there is the potential banana skin of article 50 and the supreme court decision hanging over the head of the Pound it does appear that the Pound is creeping back into fashion.

All 9 members of the Bank of England voted in favour of no change to interest rates on Thursday and I personally feel that the only thing holding the Pound back from being a great deal stronger is the uncertainty hanging over its head over the supreme court issue. This has the potential to knock the Pound back down again so anyone looking to exchange currency in the near term may wish to protect themselves from being caught out.

In my opinion I would not be surprised to see Sterling have a good week next week, we have thinner trading levels during the festive season so markets can move a little more than normal and i cannot see anything too negative hitting the Pound in the next week or so of trading.

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