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Pound slides as May comments lead to ‘Hard Brexit’ being more likely (Daniel Wright)

Sterling exchange rates have taken quite a tumble in early morning trading today, following comments from Prime Minister Theresa May over the weekend suggesting there is a higher possibility of us looking for a ‘hard brexit’ and that control of our borders appeared to be a higher focus than remaining in the single market.

Why does a hard brexit weaken the Pound?

A hard brexit leads to Sterling weakness because it could seriously hamper trade for the U.K and a report from the centre for economics and business research discovered that all sectors that create wealth for the economy would be negatively effected. Obviously a lot would depend on any agreements that get put in place but these may take a great deal of time and the worry is that it is highly doubtful that any agreement that is eventually sought does not end favouring one sector over another, which would mean someone will end up missing out.

What this does create is uncertainty for all sectors within U.K trade and uncertainty is extremely bad for an economy, a company and most importantly for a currency so this has led to the Pound dropping off and losing value all morning so far.

Supreme Court decision to change things?

One factor that may turn around the form of the Pound is the eagerly awaited Supreme Court decision on whether to overturn the need for Thesera May to have to put the triggering of Article 50 through Parliament before moving forward.

Should the Supreme Court stick with the original decision then there is a chance members of Parliament will aim for more of a say in how things are handled which may stop a full on ‘hard brexit’ and could also slow down the process a little which would hopefully give the Pound back a little strength.

On the flip side, a decision to overturn the original result may kick the Pound whilst it is down and the Sterling exchange rates may get even weaker again.

They are back together on January 11th and we expect to see a decision in the few days after this, what this does mean is that if you have a currency exchange to carry out you need to be poised and ready to react quickly.

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Sterling still struggles as investors seek a safer haven to bring in the new year (Daniel Wright)

The Pound is not having the greatest end to 2016, particularly against the Dollar.

It appears investors and speculators are stepping away from Sterling and taking their profits after a slight gain seen by the Pound over the past few weeks of trading.

As we ease into the final few days of the year there are no major signs that this will turn around so if you have a foreign currency to purchase with Sterling in the next few days it may be prudent to look at doing something sooner rather than later.

As we move into 2017 the main focus will be on the actions of the Supreme Court and whether or not they do decide to overturn the ruling over article 50. Sterling exchange rates may move suddenly straight after the result is released and following this I would not be surprised to see yet another bout of jawboning, speculation and issues hanging around the matter that will no doubt add to the market volatility.

My personal opinion is that although this may be a potential banana skin, I feel the Pound is still greatly undervalued and that Sterling exchange rates should have a good recovery to look forward to, we just need to get all of the negative press out of the way first!

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Sterling exchange rates surge on high court ruling and Bank of England stance on interest rates (Daniel Wright)

The Pound has performed extremely well today against all major currencies, a sentence I have rarely had the chance to write in recent months.

There were two reasons for this spike in the markets:

  1. A high court ruling that Parliament must vote on whether the U.K can start the process of leaving the EU.
  2. The Bank of England voted 9-0 for no interest rate cut

The ruling by the court will no doubt give Theresa May a sleepless few nights as now the Government cannot trigger article 50 on its own and would need the backing of Parliament for this to go ahead. According to reports they plan to appeal this and we expect a further hearing next month.

What this means is that the slim chance of Brexit not happening has increased, or if it does happen there is a higher chance of what is known as a ‘softer brexit’.

On top of this, the Bank of England made no changes to interest rates and in fact all nine members voted against any change to interest rates which also gave Sterling exchange rates a welcome boost.

An interest rate cut is generally seen as negative for the currency concerned and a hike in rates positive so the fact that a cut now appears to be some way away is why the Pound gathered some strength back.

Mark Carney spoke later in the afternoon which dampened exchange rates a little but all in all this was a good day for anyone looking to buy foreign currency.

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