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Sterling creeps down following poor manufacturing figures – Non-Farm payroll and unemployment data for the States brings no surprises (Daniel Wright)

Sterling has had a fairly poor end to the week, generally losing ground against most major currencies.

Poor manufacturing figures today were the main reason for the drop for the Pound as a whole, and with U.S news throughout the week being fairly positive the Dollar has made a major charge back against all majors itself.

I had predicted at the start of the week in an earlier post that I felt this could be a good week for the Dollar and it certainly delivered, gaining a few cents back over the course of the week  if you would like to read it again then feel free to click here.

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Wow – We have a very buy week ahead for Sterling exchange rates – Interest rate decisions galore rounded off with Non-farm payroll data from the States to round things off

Following an extremely busy start to the year this week shouldn’t fail to keep the market volatility going…. We have interest rate decisions from Australia, Japan, Canada, UK and Europe not to mention Non-Farm payroll data from the U.S on Friday afternoon.

We do not expect any changes to Interest rates around the globe however comments and voting regarding economic  may well be key for where we se exchange rate head throughout the week.

There are many other data releases inclusive of Australian GDP and European inflation data that can also lead to big swings in exchange rates so if you have a pending currency transfer to make it is key you have an experienced and proactive currency broker on your side.

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Personally I feel unless the Bank of England throw a spanner into the works the Pound may have a week of recovery however in this current market  and with the releases due out this week it is extremely hard to know exactly what may happen next, if you want to be kept fully up to date either keep checking back on this site or email me with your contact number and a brief description of your requirements as above.

Currency markets see the calm before the storm yesterday – Will the hurricane change exchange rates?

Many clients of mine called in yesterday asking if their positions would be affected by the hurricane and quite honestly you never know what it may bring, natural disasters can be known to weaken exchange rates for the particular currency attached to them however for example when we had the horrific tsunami in Japan a few years back the Japanese Yen actually strengthened considerably as it was thought the Japanese Government were selling off investments and bringing money back into the JPY to help the costly need to deal with the disaster.

Yesterday was quiet on the markets and I think investors attitude to risk may be key for exchange rates this week. Should things really effect the States attitude to risk may drop and the riskier currencies such as the AUD, NZD and ZAR may weaken a little and you may even see a little Dollar strength. Personally I don’t see a huge effect on the market from the hurricane unless something fairly substantial comes from it which of course nobody wants to see.

Today head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi speaks so anyone with an interest in either buying or selling the Euro should be aware that rates could shift this morning and tomorrow we have Canadian GDP figures which could see some movement for the Canadian Dollar.

Friday has the potential to be the biggest market mover this week with Non Farm payroll data for the USA which is a data release important for those with a Dollar interest and indeed interest in the ‘riskier’ currencies such as the AUD, NZD and ZAR. Non-Farm Payroll data is essentially the number of people in Non-agricultural employment over in the States and is a key indication as to how their economy is performing.

This release can cause quite a lot of volatility because predictions are made in advance and these can be wildly out. The market moves on rumour and predictions as well as fact, and should the figure come out quite a way from initial predictions the market does correct itself rather swiftly.The reason this effects the AUD, NZD and ZAR and pretty much most majors is because as I am sure you can imagine it will affect attitude to risk and will lead to rapid movements of large amounts of money globally in what generally presents an interesting week to say the least without any surprises popping up during the course of it.

All in all apart from potentially Friday a fairly quiet week for economic data however that doesn’t mean nothing will happen, if you have an upcoming currency transfer it is key to have someone like me on your side, to let our regular readers we have now had over 3000 people contact us through the site and so far we have managed to get better rates of exchange and win business from numerous companies, if you are using one of the following it may be worth you getting in touch for a direct comparison:

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Sterling exchange rates have had a solid week… Elections and Non Farm Payroll data the talk of the day today

The Pound has once again had an encouraging week against most of the majors as confidence in Sterling is still fairly high – Even with a technical recession hanging over our heads investors seem to be able to see past that and in my opinion the U.K is being seen as “The best of a bad bunch” hence the minor confidence and strength in the Pound.

French elections will weigh heavilly on the Euro over the weekend, and the pending results may lead to an extremely volatile start to the week for those buying or selling Euros. Many of my clients I speak to in France believe that there looks to now be only one winner, and his relationship with Angela Merkel is about as solid as North and South Korea, so if he is elected expect fireworks for the European Debt crisis in the coming months.

Today is fairly important for those with a Dollar interest and indeed interest in the ‘riskier’ currencies such as the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and South African Rand. Non Farm Payroll data is essentially the number of people in Non agricultural employment over in the States and is a key indication as to how their economy is performing.

The reason it is Non agricultural is because these jobs may be seasonal and do not give a fair representation of the employment figures. The reason it can cause quite a lot of volatility is because predictions are made in advance and these can be wildly out… As many of our regular readers will know the markets move onb rumour as well as fact, and should the figure come out quite a way from predictions the market does correct itself rather swiftly.

The reason this effects the AUD, NZD and ZAR and pretty much most majors is because as i’m sure you can imagine it will effect attitude to risk and will lead to rapid movements of large amounts of money globally in what generally presents a volatile end to the week.

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Bank of England Interest Rate Decision Today – Non Farm Payroll Data One To Be Wary Of Tomorrow Whilst The UK Is Off!

Today sees the release of the Bank Of England Interest rate decision, no change in rates is expected and to be honest I feel it will probably be a bit of a non event, however be aware that the BOE do like to throw a spanner into the works whenever the Pound does start to perform well so anyhting could happen.

The key data for people to be aware of is U.S Non Farm Payroll data – Regular readers will be aware this can effect all major currencies and can lead to just as much market volatility as an interest rate decision. Now, the big problem is that we have a bank holiday in the U.K this means that you will find it hard to call your bank or broker to book out an exchange rate should rates either move drastically against you or indeed in your favour. There are options available to youand I can help you should your bank not offer these options. You can place a limit order and a stop loss order, this means you set yourself an ideal trading level, or a worst case scenario and should either get hit then your currency is bought out or sold automatically for you, I would then merely get in touch after the Easter break to inform you and you would be required to settle the contract with us as per normal.

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What may happen to the Pound today? Interest Rate Decisions and Press conferences to be key – U.S Dollar data tomorrow with Non Farm Payroll Data

Interest Rate Decisions – What may happen today?

Today sees the release of interest rate decisions for both the Bank of
England and the European Central Bank at 12:00 and 12:45pm respectively.
Although no change in interest rates is expected, the key for the two will be
as follows:

Further QE for the U.K? All eyes will be on Quantitative Easing when the Bank
of England release data at 12:00pm. For those that have followed the markets
over the past few years you will be aware that even the mere mention of QE
(essentially printing and injecting more money into the economy) tends to weaken the Pound. Last Wednesday the
Pound saw great losses as the BOE mentioned in the minutes of their last
interest rate decision, that more QE had been discussed and indeed two members
of the Monetary Policy Committee had voted for more QE than we actually did
receive, suggesting more may be just around the corner.

ECB Mario Draghi Press Conference – Following the ECB rate decision this afternoon the
markets will no doubt be dominated by the ECB press conference and what plans
‘super Mario’ has to tackle the various problems Europe has to deal with. We
can see quite wild swings during this, the mention of another cut in rates may
be Euro negative and a confident stance surrounding Greece may be seen as Euro
positive. If you have an upcoming transfer to carry out involving buying or
selling the Euro, you should contact me on djw@currencies.co.uk so I can make you
aware of any changes to exchange rates either positive or negative for you.

U.S Dollar Forecast and Non-Farm Payroll Data due tomorrow

The Sterling Dollar rate of late has been
a bit of a rollercoaster for those with a Dollar interest be it buying or
selling, and to be honest with the ongoing European debt problems and investors
not knowing what may be going on behind closed doors this rocky ride is sure to
continue. In times of uncertainty investors tend to look for a safer haven, one of which is the USD.

Tomorrow we also see the release of U.S
Non-Farm payroll data at 13:30pm and this release can be just as important as
an interest rate decision as predictions by analysts in advance can be wildly
incorrect, and with the market moving in advance on rumour as well as fact, a
stiff market correction can happen fairly rapidly, affecting all major
currencies. My personal opinion is that the Dollar will continue to strengthen
in the short term whilst problems in Europe are still rife, and we will be
closer to 1.55 than 1.60 by the end of the week.

If you have a transfer to carry out before
then end of the week email me directly here djw@currencies.co.uk and I will call you back. We have a series of different contract types to
assist you ranging from forward time options, to stop loss and limit orders,
feel free to get in touch for a full and straight forward explanation as to how
these options work.

New Zealand Interest Rate Decision

Last night the RBNZ kept interest rates on hold as
expected, however due to a positive outlook on the economy over in New Zealand
due to an increase in Private sector Consumption and an uptick in wage growth
has indeed opened the door for a potential interest rate hike in the next few
months. A hike in interest rates is generally seen as positive for the currency
concerned and merely speculation of this could continue to strengthen the NZD
in trading this morning.

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U.S Non Farm Payroll Data out this afternoon… Big market mover for all concerned

Good morning all and heres to a busy Friday afternoon ahead!

At 13:30pm we see the release of non farm payroll data for the U.S and this can be a large market mover, not only for the Dollar but also for many other currencies too.

Non Farm Payroll data covers the amount of U.S citizens in Non Agricultural employment, it is Non Agriculural due to the farming sector employment being seasonal which would effect the figures quite dramatically.

The data can be a large mover because of the following:

Predictions in advance can be a long way out and with the market moving on rumour as well as fact they do move on initial prediction and then correct themselves following the release, so you can see large swings for the Dollar following this.

The data also affects investors attitude towards risk and investing in perceived ‘riskier’ currencies and  therefore having an effect on most of the major rates (GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD, NZD, ZAR,CAD), especially in the current market where I don’t feel anyone really knows exactly where to invest their funds and rates are bouncing around all over the place.

If you have a transfer to carry out in the near term, it may be prudent to seriously consider your options ahead of the release, be it a limit or stop order, or indeed a forward contract.

I can help you with all of the above, whilst saving you money on the exchange rate – contact me djw@currencies.co.uk or fill in our enquiry formand I will be happy to explain the options available to you in simple terms.

Non Farm Payroll data the key to GBP USD today

Today without doubt the biggest market release is U.S Non Farm Payroll data, this measures the amount of people in non agricultural employment and can be a bigger mover than interest rates as the prediction is usually much different than expected.

Markets move on rumour as well as fact so a big difference can lead to large market volatility.

If you are buying a property abroad, have business transactions to carry out or need to get money overseas for any other reason and want the best exchange rates, just fill in the form on the right hand side and one of the experienced traders that write on this blog will be in touch shortly.