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Flat start to the week for Sterling exchange rates but what can we expect as the week evolves? (Daniel Wright)

A fairly flat day for the pound against most major currencies so far today, with Sterling trading in a very thin range against Euro, Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar exchange rates.

We have had very little economic data out of note today however there are a number of other releases that are worth noting as the week moves on.

Tomorrow we have two key speeches from both the Governor of the Bank of England (Mark Carney) at 15:30pm and Head of the European Central Bank (Mario Draghi) an hour later at 16:30pm. Both of these may lead to a volatile afternoon for Sterling and Euro exchange rates.

Many speculators and investors will be watching every word during both of these speeches for any hints to future changes in economic policy and the market will no doubt move around extremely quickly should any hint to new changes arise.

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Late on Tuesday night we have a flurry of inflation data which will be interesting for anyone with the need to buy or sell Australian Dollars, especially with the market rate for GBP/AUD hanging around the pivotal point of 1.60. Expectations are for Australian inflation figures to remain fairly static however any result that differs from this may lead to a sharp movement overnight. There are ways to take advantage of overnight movements in your favour, most notably a limit order where you request that if a certain rate of exchange becomes achievable at any point 24 hours a day then your currency will be bought out automatically for you. This contract type is free to use with us and can be extremely handy.

The Dollar and New Zealand Dollar take centre stage on Wednesday with lots of data out from the States over the course of Wednesday afternoon and then import, export and trade balance data out for New Zealand later in the evening at 22:45pm – Again a limit order may be worth considering overnight if you are close to your target rate and do not wish to miss out should a spike occur.

Thursday will be important for Sterling exchange rates as we have GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or growth figures out at 09:30am and then later in the day Durable Goods and Jobless Claims data out for the States which will impact U.S Dollar exchange rates.

We round the week off with lots of data our from all over Europe which will impact Euro exchange rates and then U.S GDP (Growth) figures to wrap up the week which can have an impact on all major currencies as it has an effect on global attitude to risk.

On top of everything we have the U.S election which will no doubt keep the Dollar on its toes so we have a lot for the market to digest throughout the week.

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What will affect the value of the pound this week?(Daniel Charles Johnson)

Pound Forecast

UK inflation data was released today and there were worries of a significant rise, which would have been negative for the pound. The Unilever-Tesco is a prime of example of more expensive imports causing inflation and this problem could become more wide spread throughout commerce as the true impact of the vote to leave the EU filters through.

There was a slight increase, but this was not considered large enough to warrant major problems for Sterling and as  result Sterling strengthened during today’s trading session. GBP/USD up to 1.23 and GBP/EUR at 1.11.

Keep an eye on events at the EU summit this Thursday and Friday as Theresa May is due to be grilled about how Brexit will occur. If there is any change in her stance expect the markets to react. Also on Thursday is the European Central Bank monetary policy statement and if Mario Draghi gives any hint to a change in quantitative easing (QE) increments expect volatility on GBP/EUR. There has been rumors that monthly QE increments would decrease, although this would be quite a surprise considering there has been no increase in inflation in the Eurozone.


With Hilary now clear favorite in the race the markets probably factored in a Clinton win. USD sellers should beware on procrastination however as Trump may well have a trump card up his sleeve to try and convert undecided voters. Political uncertainty historically weakens the currency in question so the green back could weaken as the election vote draws closer.

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Buying Euro and Dollar rates set for marginal improvements next week (Joshua Privett)

Boris Johnson hitting the headlines on Sunday isn’t expected to muddle the chatter on currency markets next week, with buying Euro and Dollar rates set to benefit from a focus on economics over politics.

There is a host of data sets coming out from both within the UK and outside of it, with the positive or negative nature of the information set to sway the value of the currency attached to that particular economy.

Whilst Boris Johnson’s comments are inflammatory they will not be deemed by markets to alter the current course of the Brexit. This has been the major guage used on how recent political news has affected the value of the Pound.

With big announcements coming recently, the deadline for Article 50 in March 2017, and the very public spat between Theresa May, Merkel and Holland about what a future agreement between the UK and the EU may look like, it seems as if most of the curveballs which could impact the Pound in the short-term politically have come and gone.

With this in mind, we may finally see some of the positive news coming out of the UK economy begin to register on the currency markets.

We’ve already seen some promising hints to show the UK economy is weathering the storm of the Leave vote relatively well.

Despite the news about ‘marmite-gate’ and the pricing pressures forced on the UK with a weak Pound, business confidence in manufacturing, construction and the financial service sectors are recovering and in some cases surpassing what was recorded last year.

Firstly on Monday we have Eurozone inflation data which is expected to come in poorly as it has done quite consistently for a few years now. Conversely on Tuesday the UK has their own inflation data, which is expected to show a healthier reading closer the Bank of England’s 2% yearly target. Combined both of these data releases could see improvements on buying Euro rates in particular.

Furthermore, employment and wage data for the UK on Thursday morning could provide the additional support needed behind Sterling to see some improvement on GBP/EUR, GBP/USD, GBP/AUD.

With this hypersensitive market, opportunities can develop and evapourate quite quickly, and it is important not to be ‘last to the party’ in these situations as the flood of people buying a particular currency will suddenly make its price rise.

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Buying Euro and Dollar rates expected for calmer Friday than last week (Joshua Privett)

Buying Euro and Dollar rates of exchange have entered Friday in a much more stable position compared to the sheer chaos caused in the early hours of last week with the flash crash in Asian markets.

That being said, the Pound is slightly down to begin the day against all major currencies, which is suggestive that speculation is still the dominant force governing the marketplace in this hypersensitive environment.

If you were not aware of the flash crash last week then your currency requirement must have only some up in the last few days. The Pound was battered by either a gigantic erroneous trade, or a severe miscalculation in automatic trading algorithms, in the early hours of Asian trading last Friday which caused a heavy deterioration on GBP/EUR, GBP/USD and GBP/AUD.

This was an artificially forced drop which the Bank of England are still investigating and markets have since recovered. However there was still a net loss, and such a crash was only possible due to the heightened anxiety surrounding the Pound since the announcement of a hard deadline from Theresa May for Article 50 by March 2017.

This anxiety has since been heightened by the likes of EU President Donald Tusk stating it’s either ‘Hard Brexit or no Brexit’ with both sides making markets nervous that no gentle exit will be able to be found.

To coincide with all of this, we are now entering another Friday and the abnormal trading patterns associated with this. 

Each Friday almost like clockwork since the Referendum, the Pound has had a difficult time in the afternoon heading into the weekend due to profit-taking in the market place undercutting its value.

Whilst this was eclipsed by the added mania last week, this is still a persistent issue for Euro and Dollar buyers, likely more so with the currently panicked financial world.

Each Friday trader’s at high street institutions have to allocate their funds into a stable currency whilst they are away from their desks for the weekend in order to protect their capital. For obvious reasons the Pound is very low on this list of stable currencies which are in high demand during this period. As such the Pound is sold off during this period and its value falls off a cliff.

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Sterling exchange rates extremely fragile against all currencies (Daniel Wright)

The Pound remains on a knife edge against most major currencies at present, with sharp swings happening totally out of the blue. Today has not been so bad but as an example yesterday evening Sterling lost around 1% in value within an hour, only to gain the majority of it back by the time we came back to the trading floor this morning.

The rest of this week we have a fairly minimal amount of economic data out for the U.K but overnight there are plenty of releases from China which may impact the AUD and NZD along with a flurry of data from the States, not to forget the on-going U.S election which is really starting to heat up.

Next week we will see the U.K release of inflation, unemployment and retail sales data and those waiting for the Pound to get stronger will be hoping that these are positive and act as the catalyst they have been waiting for to pick the Pound back up off of the floor.

With so many violent and unpredictable swings happening it is more vital than ever that you have not only a currency broker helping you with your exchange, but a proactive and well experienced one as booking your rate of exchange at the right time or taking advantage of a spike in your favour can make the difference of thousands of Pounds.

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Will the pound continue to lose value? (Dayle Littlejohn)

It was a terrible week for sterling exchange rates. GBPEUR dropped 4 cents and GBPUSD dropped 5 cents.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the UK will be invoking Article50 in March 2017 which started the initial drop.

Later in the week (Thursday night) the pound temporarily plummeted by 6% in a flash crash. Its been reported that automated trading caused the fall.

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond has exclaimed he believes the currency market will continue to remain volatile however has urged for people to remain calm.

Looking ahead I expect the pound to lose further value however I do not expect to see falls like we have seen this week.

Data releases which will have a major impact on exchange rates this week are UK Consumer Price Index Tuesday morning,  Average earning Wednesday morning and Retail Sales Thursday morning.

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Change of plans for UK economy (Dayle Littlejohn)

This week UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been in the spotlight for many reasons. Earlier in the week she announced that the UK will be invoking Article50 and therefore starting the official process of leaving the EU. This caused the markets to get the jitters and the pound crashed against its counterparts.

In the last 24 hours it seems that she may have disagreed with Former Chancellor George Osborne economic plan of ‘balancing the books’ as she has exclaimed the UK need a fresh approach to economic management.

George Osborne’s approach was to make cuts to spending where he could and cut interest rates, which the PM has stated people with assets have got richer from where as people without have suffered. In my opinion this is a major change in sentiment which is a surprise. It feels like she completely disagreed with the Former PM and Chancellor however before she became PM she was happy to sit in the houses of parliament cheering on her former colleagues.

So if May’s new approach is to not worry about the deficit and to spend to improve the economy, the UK will have a larger debt and this could be another argument to why sterling exchange rates have plummeted again this afternoon.

All in all its not looking good for any clients holding onto sterling! 

If you are reading this website in order to find out information in regards to buying or selling the pound I can help you achieve the best exchange rates on the market whilst keeping you up to date with economic information. Its important to analyse both currencies that you will be trading therefore I would recommend emailing me with the currency pair (GBPUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCHF etc) the reason for your trade (company invoice, buying a property) and I will email you with my forecast and the process of using our company drl@currencies.co.uk.


Sterling exchange rates make a small recovery towards the end of the day – Light at the end of the tunnel or profit taking? (Daniel Wright)

The Pound had a slightly better end to trading today as we saw Sterling exchange rates rise across the board in the afternoon.

The question we now need to ask is was this movement down to the Pound starting to come back into fashion or was it down to a bout of profit taking from those who had made money from the recent Sterling weakness we have seen.

The next 24/48 hours will more than likely give us the answer in my opinion, if Sterling starts to make a recovery in the next few days then it may well be showing some resilience at last and this could be a sign that the Pound is indeed fighting back. Should Sterling drop away again in the next day or so then this may be a sign that movement this afternoon had been mainly attributed to profit taking and that the Pound may be in for another drop.

I personally feel that the Pound is currently undervalued, however it may still get a little worse before it gets better as the uncertainty hangs over the head of the U.K as we wait to see if we do find out any plans for how we will approach Brexit.

Friday we have an extremely important day for U.K economic data where we have manufacturing and industrial production, along with Trade Balance figures which will be key as to how the Pound performs during Friday morning trading.

Over in the States we have Non-Farm Payroll data which can impact all major currencies as it impacts global attitude to risk. The data measures the number of people in Non-Agricultural employment (due to the seasonal impact on agricultural employment) in America and predictions can be fairly wrong. Because the markets price in expectations in advance, when they are widely wrong the currency markets do start to correct themselves swiftly which can lead to sharp markets straight away.

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Sterling continues to Fall- 3yr low against the Euro – 31yr low against the Dollar (Daniel Johnson)

Record Lows for the Pound – When should I trade?

Theresa May announced on Sunday that Article 50 would be invoked by the end of March 2017 and the markets reacted with the pound falling considerably against the majority of major currencies. It is going to be difficult for Stirling to start a rally with significant momentum considering the uncertainty surrounding trade negotiations.

Despite many analysts predicting 1.10 on GBP/EUR and further falls against the Dollar. I am not overly pessimistic, I feel the UK’s economy has a strong backbone and Sterling will recover. The question is when?

If we look at the Euro, it has some serious underlying problems. Draghi, the head of the ECB has thrown the kitchen sink at the Eurozones’ problems with inflation and it has had little if any impact. Throw into the mix Italian bad loans to the tune of €360bn, Greece’s Debt crisis, Deutsche Bank and the threat of further referendums from other EU countries and there is the strong possibility of Euro weakness over the next twelve months.

Looking at the Dollar, the main threat is Trump. If he gains power we could see the green back weaken considerably. He has threatened to limit trade with China which, without exaggeration could wipe trillions off  US GDP. His stance on immigration has a already caused the Mexican Peso to drop by 10%.

Simply put, in current market conditions it is more difficult than ever to know when to perform your trade. It is vital to have an experienced broker on board. There are contract options available that can be utilised in order to try and maximise your return. We will also attempt to time your trade by using spike notification while at the same time protecting your position with a Stop/Loss. If you would like me to help lease do not hesitate to get in touch by e-mailing me directly at  dcj@currencies.co.uk.


Sterling has a bad day against all major currencies – Article 50 announcement leads to sell off (Daniel Wright)

The Pound started off the week on the back foot against all majors today following the announcement over the weekend from number 10 that we the U.K would have invoked article 50 by the end of March 2017.

It does appear that Britain may be heading for a ‘hard brexit’ which may be more focused on controlling immigration and law over being involved in the single market.

This news has been taken badly by investors and speculators and this has indeed led to the Pound dropping away and well and truly falling out of fashion.

On top of this we also have an increased probability that we may see further stimulus from the Bank of England which also is seen as a negative for the Pound too.

A lot now really hangs on how economic data comes out in the next week or so as we start to see the release of data from September.

U.K Construction data is released tomorrow morning followed by data from the services sector on Wednesday, both have quite an impact on the overall growth figures for the U.K economy so may set the scene for the coming weeks.

I actually still feel that the result of the referendum has not hit as hard as many had thought it would so I would be surprised to see anything dramatically terrible but it would still be sensible to keep a keen eye on the markets at 09:30am over the next two days.

On top of this we have the RBA interest rate decision overnight tonight and the Deutsche Bank issue which is sure to remain ongoing.

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