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What is happening to Sterling vs the Euro and will the Pound make gains? (Tom Holian)

Sterling Euro exchange rates have finished the week almost 3 cents higher than when the week first started.

Prime Minister Theresa May was rather bullish in her speech on Tuesday and claimed that she would seek parliamentary approval concerning Article 50.

With the Supreme Court decision originally due to take take place earlier this week this has now been delayed and the expectation is now for Tuesday morning. However, it appears as though the ‘horse’ has bolted with the PM already having spoken about the issue.

This shows that the power is still clearly with the government and it will be them who will ultimately decide when Article 50 will be triggered and this is what helped the Pound to make the gains.

However, I think investors and speculators will be looking closely at the announcement nonetheless and I think this is likely to cause volatility for Sterling exchange rates so if you’re considering buying or selling Sterling then keep a close eye on the currency markets on Tuesday.

Yesterday evening saw the inauguration of the new President of the United States Donald Trump and although this has yet been felt in the foreign exchange markets his rhetoric was extremely pro-US and bringing back manufacturing to the US.

However, this will clearly be very difficult to change in the short term so expect to see volatility for the US Dollar as next week commences and the US opens for business on Monday.

My prediction going into next week is for Sterling strength against the Euro but weakness vs the US Dollar.

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Tom Holian

Will this sterling rally keep going?

The pound has had a very turbulent start to 2017 being pulled from pillar to post on all fronts. What started as a reasonably positive year as markets expected a quick Supreme Court decision to help lift sterling soon gave way to Theresa May attracting headlines over her hard Brexit approach. The roller-coaster continues next week with the Supreme Court case being released Tuesday at 09.30 am. Then on Thursday we have the latest UK GDP data. All in all a busy week, how will sterling react?

Most commentators expect the Supreme Court decision will lead to sterling strength as the court upholds the previous decision by the High Court to force Theresa May to seek parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50. My personal view is this will be the case and sterling could enjoy a very good start to next week. GBPEUR could hit 1.16-1.17, GBPUSD could hit 1.24-1.25, GBPAUD could hit 1.65-1.66. If you have a transfer to consider then making some plans in advance is well worthwhile to capitalise on the volatility. I do feel any spikes will be short-lived so if you need to buy a foreign currency with the pound making some plans sooner rather than later is the best way forward.

As the market has ‘priced in’ the good news the real risk here is if the previous decision is rejected. Most commentators have reported that this is the big risk, sterling is more likely rise than fall. but if it falls it could be a big all! We have learnt in the last few weeks that nothing should be taken for granted on exchange rates, things can change very quickly. The best way to limit your exposure is to make yourself aware of any pending exchanges you might have and we can monitor the market and offer you some practical assistance with the timing of your plans.

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The one certainty to me is that pound sterling rates will remain volatile. I would be very interested to hear from you to offer some help with this volatility and help you to maximise your currency transfer. Please speak to me Jonathan Watson by emailing

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Jonathan Watson

Pound to Euro prediction (Dayle Littlejohn)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has stolen the headlines this week. The PMs approach of “No deal is better than a bad deal” and that she will allow MP’s to have the final say has surprisingly given the pound a well needed boost against the euro. Furthermore she went on to tell the World Economic forum in Davos that she plans to make the UK a ‘world leader’ on trade.

Mrs May’s positive approach has seen the pound gain 2 1/2 cents against the low points early this week. To put this into monetary terms a €200,000 purchase is now £3,800. Looking ahead the next major decision that will impact GBPEUR exchange rates is the Supreme Court decision, Tuesday morning.

With Mrs May given Parliament the final say on Brexit, I wouldn’t be surprised if she already knows that the Supreme Court will rule in favour of the High Court and that’s why she made the statement in the first place. Therefore Tuesday’s decision could lead to further improvements for GBPEUR exchange rates.

When should I buy my euros?

With exchange rates improving this week and the Supreme Court decision on the horizon, I would ride out the decision and then make my decision. If the market spikes I would look to trade immediately. The company that I work for will keep you up dated with market information whilst having the ability to improve on exchange rates that you will be offered by your bank. If you are looking for the best rates whilst being kept up to date feel free to email with your requirements. If you would like to speed the process up call 0044 1494 787 478 and ask to be connected to Dayle Littlejohn.

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Sterling continues to climb in the wake of Theresa May’s Brexit plan speech, how much further could the Pound climb? (Joseph Wright)

The Pound has gradually climbed in value throughout today’s trading session against almost every other major currency. This is likely to be a continuation of the positive sentiment surrounding the UK since May outlined her Brexit plans, offering the markets clarity.

The safe haven currencies, such as the Japanese Yen and the Swiss Franc have lost a lot of value today versus the Pound, which I personally think is a key indicator of Sterling’s potential future price movements. It appears that investors are less risk adverse right now meaning that the Pound could continue to climb and get closer to key trade levels such as 1.20 between the GBP/EUR pair and 1.25 between GBP/USD.

For those that are planning on making a currency exchange between the Pound and also think the Pound will gain over the short term future, there are a number of options available to you that I’ll be happy to discuss in further detail if you wish to get in contact.

One of these is a Limit Order. A Limit Order is an automatic order to trade at a level that’s more favourable than what’s available at the current levels, and it’s a very useful tool for those that wish to trade at better rates than what’s possible at the current time. For example, at the moment it’s impossible to trade at 1.1650 between the GBP and EUR pair, because that level is above the current inter-bank level of 1.1580. Therefore if you think the GBP/EUR will continue to climb, you can set up an automatic order to trade at 1.1650 so if it becomes available, you’ll trade at that level.

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Tomorrow is likely to be a quieter day for the Pound as there’s no major economic updates scheduled for release out of the UK, but next Tuesday we are expecting to hear the official result of the Governments on-going appeal with the Supreme Court. I believe that if the Government is successful and permitted to formally begin the Brexit process without parliamentary approval, we can expect to see the Pound lose momentum and perhaps lose this week’s gains but on the other-hand, an unsuccessful appeal is likely to boost the Pound which is why I think understanding Limit Orders is important for clients (or potential clients).

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Sterling’s Value Soars Following Theresa May’s Brexit Speech – Will This Trend Continue? (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling’s value soared during Tuesday’s trading, following UK Prime Minister Theresa may’s speech regarding the UK’s Brexit.

This was her most detailed speech to date regarding how the government hopes to facilitate our exit from the EU, with Article 50 still scheduled to be triggered in March to start the formal process.

The Pound benefited from positive comments regarding a future relationship with the remaining EU states and made significant gains against all the major currencies.

GBP/EUR rates rose by over two cents with the pair now trading above 1.15, whilst GBP/USD rates gained over three cents at the high with the pair moving through 1.24, before retracting slightly this morning.

The markets have been left in limbo for months regarding how the UK economy intends to prosper following our exit, so yesterday’s more detailed plan will have come as a relief to investors who have been craving some solid information to work with. Personally, I don’t think the speech gave us a real insight into future policies but of course the noises being made were that the UK would create a stronger economy, which still had a relationship with our closest neighbours.

Theresa May did state that we would no longer be part of the single market but hoped for new custom arrangements with the remaining 27 EU states and that we would still contribute to the EU budget but wasn’t specific regarding how much.

All of this has led to increased investor confidence and the Pound has benefited as a result. This spike has flattened this morning and whilst the speech was certainly more bullish than many expected I’m not convinced it was strong enough for Sterling’s to continue its aggressive advance ever the coming days.

If I was holding GBP and had a short-term currency exchange to make I would be tempted to monitor the market over the coming hours, before making a decision on when to move. I still do not feel that the Pound will be able to sustain any aggressive move up against either the EUR or USD, with March’s timeline for Article 50 likely to handicap any major advances over the coming months.

We may find that investor confidence allows for a short-term improvement but if we start to see a snap back I would be tempted to take advantage of Sterling’s increased value, rather than gamble on what is still a very fragile and unpredictable market.

If you have an upcoming Sterling currency exchange to make and you are concerned by the increased market volatility of late, it may be wise to look at protecting the gains you’ve made, or limiting your losses with one of our forward contracts, rather than gamble on what has become an increasingly volatile and unpredictable market.

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Huge Sterling rally following comments made by Theresa May’s Brexit Speech (Tom Holian)

Sterling has gained by a huge amount against all major currencies following Theresa May’s comments made earlier today in her Brexit speech.

Although the Prime Minister has said that the UK can not remain in the single market as staying means that we will not be leaving the European Union she also went on to say that the UK would be looking for new trade deals elsewhere as well as trying to negotiate with our European neighbours.

Theresa May is still confident that the UK will trigger Article 50 by the end of March and that it would be parliament that will vote on the final deal due to be agreed between the UK and the European Union.

This is arguably one of the clearest moments since October concerning Brexit and one of the main reasons for Sterling’s improvement during today’s trading session.

We have also seen the Pound make improvements across the board after the losses that Sterling saw over the weekend against all major currencies.

However, although the Pound has made huge gains today the Supreme Court judgement is still due to come out and this could cause further volatility for Sterling exchange rates when the decision is announced.

The biggest winners of the day are those people looking to buy US Dollars with Sterling and with Donald Trump due to be inaugurated on Friday we have seen the Dollar weaken against Sterling by almost 3% or the difference of £3,000 on a currency transfer of £100,000.

We have also seen Sterling gain by almost 3 cents from the low to the high for GBPEUR exchange rates as it looks as though there is a clear intention to carry on the negotiations rather than cast ourselves adrift.

With all the uncertainty expected to continue in the foreign exchange markets it may be worth looking at buying a forward contract which allows you to fix an exchange rate for a future date and avoid the risk of the market moving against you

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Tom Holian



Major Volatility expected ahead of Supreme Court Judgement and Theresa May Speech (Daniel Johnson)

Supreme Court Judgement imminent

Today there are expected to big swings on the currency market. It would not be surprising to see the decision from the Supreme Court Judgement arrive before Theresa May’s speech at 11.45am. If it is not however, the PM’s speech will become even more important as she well have a good idea as to the outcome and her speech could give hints to investors. I think it is probable that parliament will get to vote on the triggering of article 50 and this should be seen as positive for Sterling as it would point toward a softer brexit. Temporary trade deals could be in place while new deals are negotiated.

If they do not get the option to vote on article 50 it would mean the UK could well be moving toward a hard brexit. This is what Theresa May is indicated is her preference. The current target for a full exit from the EU of two years would be even more unrealistic and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the UK economy would damage investor confidence considerably. Sir Ivan Rogers recently resigned from his position as UK ambassador to the EU stating the exit strategy is insufficiently planned and trade negotiations could take as long as a decade.

Theresa May to deliver Brexit Plans

Theresa May’s Speech commences at 11.45am and she is set to reveal plans for exit from the EU. It is expected that she will tell other European countries that the UK wishes to trade as freely as possible but she does wish to have a full exit, a further hint toward Britain leaving the single market. May stated during a Sky news interview last weekend she would be willing to sacrifice free trade in order to have control over immigration.

The speech will be watched very carefully by investors and high levels of volatility are expected. It is crucial to be in touch with an experienced broker in order to maximise your return. We have contract options available to suit your individual needs and can notify you of opportune moments to get the most from your transfer. If you already have a currency provider I will provide a comparison and I am very confident in showing you a significant saving. If you would like my assistance I can be contacted at Thank you for reading.

Daniel Johnson



Sterling exchange rates still looking shaky as we await news on Supreme Court – On the plus side a trade deal with New Zealand may be agreed (Daniel Wright)

As most of our regular readers will be more than aware, Sterling exchange rates have had a pretty torrid time this week, with the pound dropping to its lowest point on a trade weighted basis since October.

We have seen Sterling almost drop below 1.20 on against USD, 1.13 against EUR, 1.60 against AUD, 1.70 against NZD, 1.20 against CHF and it is sat below 1.60 against the Canadian Dollar as I write this!

The uncertainty caused by comments from Prime Minister Theresa May over the weekend and during the week are still causing investors and speculators to remain shaky over the Pound, and economic data has not done anything to provide a backup like it has been over the past few weeks.

The key talking point now is just what will the Supreme Court decide to do? As previously mentioned this decision matters a huge amount not only because it will show us what the next steps will have to be for article 50 being invoked, but it will also more than likely lead to lots of MP’s having their say afterwards and every single comment has the potential to move the market considerably.

On Tuesday we also have Prime Minister Theresa May speaking about Brexit, which makes me wonder whether or not she is expecting to have a result from the Supreme Court before then, if we do then Sterling is set for an extremely busy week.

One positive for the Pound today was news that we appear to have all but agreed a trade deal with New Zealand, and it appears that this is ready to go as soon as possible after Brexit. A number of major economies are stepping forward and happy to do business with the U.K which is no great surprise to me.

More and more good news like this that comes out during this long winded process should only lead to the Pound getting stronger, we just need to get over the potential banana skin of the Supreme Court and Article 50 being invoked first.

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Why is the Pound losing value at the moment, and will it continue? (Joseph Wright)

Brexit jitters are continuing to weigh on the Pounds value, with the currency losing a substantial amount of value over the past week across the board of major currency pairs.

Currency markets were already weary of the Pounds future price movements as we await the outcome of the Supreme Courts impending decision on whether or no the UK Government requires parliamentary approval before beginning the Brexit.

These fears were exacerbated over the past weekend as a much talked about interview offered the marketplace an insight into the UK PM’s plans for the Brexit. UK Prime Minister, Theresa May alluded to prioritising the control of immigration, as opposed to focusing on retaining the UK’s access to the single market.

Moreover, May commented that the UK cannot keep ‘bits’ of EU membership and this comment has fueled the fire of bearishness towards the Pound at the moment.

It’s for these reasons that we’ve seen the Pound soften over the week, and the sell-off accelerated this afternoon after May announced that she will be giving another major speech on her Brexit plans on Tuesday of next week.

I personally think that the Supreme Court decision will have been announced by then, so there’s a possibility we could see a lot of volatility between GBP exchange rates between now and then.

Until then, I think that anyone with a currency exchange requirement involving the Pound should pay close attention to the Supreme Court decision. The likelihood is that if the Government is successful in their appeal we can expect to see the Pound fall further, as the Government plans on invoking Article 50 at the end of March and there polices generally lean towards a ‘Hard Brexit’.

On the other hand if they’re unsuccessful the general consensus is that the Pound could get a lift. Feel free to get in touch if you wish to be kept up to date with the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision, as of yet we have no definitive time as to when this announcement will be made.

If you are planning to make a currency exchange involving the Pound and another foreign currency, it’s well worth your time getting in contact with me on in order to ensure you make a well informed decision on when to make that particular transfer, as well as benefiting from highly competitive exchange rates from one of the UK’s leading foreign currency brokerages. Just provide me with a basic outline of your currency requirement and I will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can also speak to me directly on the phone by calling 01494 787 478 and asking reception to speak with Joe.

Brexit Uncertainty Causing Sterling to Weaken (Matthew Vassallo)

Sterling has come under pressure this week following comments made over the weekend by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, regarding how she wished the UK to facilitate our exit from the EU.

She stated the UK would look towards a “hard Brexit”, which ultimately means that we will be cutting nearly all ties with the EU. This has caused investors to panic and the markets have reacted accordingly, with the recent loses against all the major currencies a result of this.

Despite these obvious fears May also mentioned she wanted the best deal for the UK in terms of leaving the EU but stated that we will not be keeping part membership and we were going to break off completely. This means that trade deals and immigration rights will need to be renegotiated and this causes a huge amount of market uncertainty.

Market uncertainty is a currencies killer and this is why the Pound is fighting an uphill battle. Talk of Brexit and how we will facilitate this is likely to drive investor confidence and in turn the Pound’s value for months if not years to come.

These comments were clouded somewhat by UK Chancellor Philip Hammond who admitted no decision had yet been made as to whether the UK would stay in the single market post Brexit. It may be that the Prime Minister is trying to give herself a strong bargaining positon ahead of negotiations with the EU but wither way we just don’t have enough information to hand to make a firm decision either way.

I would not be gambling on the current market and with the UK economy so fragile in the minds of investors and GBP/EUR falling back below 1.15 at yesterday’s low, it may be time to secure your Sterling position and remove the uncertainty surrounding the whole debacle.

With the Supreme Court meeting again today we could get a decision regarding the triggering of Article 50 at any time, so it would be wise for anyone with a Sterling currency requirement to keep in close contact with their personal currency broker, to ensure any opportunities that arise are not missed.

If you have an upcoming Sterling currency exchange to make and you are looking for the best exchange rates available, then please feel free to contact us on 0044 1494 787 478 and ask one of the team for Matt.

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