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Pound Sterling forecast – Positive week against the Euro and New Zealand Dollar – Negative against the Dollar and Australian Dollar (Daniel Wright)

The Pound has had a fairly mixed week against the majors, seeing a fresh two year high against the Euro and also gaining three cents against the New Zealand Dollar over the course of one night. On the flip side we saw exchange rates drop below 1.70 against the Dollar for the first time in a little while and also sub 1.80 against the AUD too.

Sterling data this week has not been too bad, however the Bank of England minutes still showed that members of the MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) had still voted 9-0 for no change in interest rates however this did not dent the Pound too badly. European data released on Tuesday and Wednesday led to Euro weakness and we did actually hit a 25 month high to buy Euros with the Pound during this period.

The Dollar made a fight back after a prolonged period above 1.70 mainly due to good solid economic data surrounding jobs in the States and coupled with investors and speculators alike becoming increasingly worried about on-going political relations and turmoil around the world. Gold is also seen as a safer haven and priced in Dollars so this also helps the Dollar gain strength.

The gains against the New Zealand Dollar came shortly after an expected interest rate hike over in New Zealand – Usually an interest rate hike should give strength to a currency however this rate rise was widely expected and comments from the RBNZ that they were actually unhappy with the current value of the NZD and that its strength was unjustified , unsustainable and had the potential for a significant fall led to investors dropping the currency like a stone.

Finally, governor of the RBA Glenn Stevens also commented this week and has seemingly once again decided he is not so worried about the strength of AUD which gave the Australian Dollar a lift overnight, making it more expensive to buy and at one stage pushing it back below the 1.79 mark.

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UK Economy Grows by 0.8% (Matthew Vassallo)

The UK economy has grown by 0.8%, official figures for Q2 have confirmed. UK gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures were released this morning and confirmed that the UK economy had grown to pre-crisis levels. In fact the ONS figures showed that the UK economy is now 0.2% ahead of its pre-crisis peak, which was reached back in the first quarter of 2008.

Whilst the figure was released as expected, it reaffirms belief that the UK economic recovery continues to surpass that of other major economies, including the Eurozone’s and the US. However, this does not necessarily mean Sterling’s positive run will continue. If we look closer at GBP/EUR trends, although the Pound had pushed to a fresh 2 year high earlier this week it ran out of steam as the EUR found market support around this level. Similarly, GBP/USD rates hit a six year high recently only to fall away almost as quickly.

Personally I feel both currency pairs offer fantastic buying opportunities to those holding Sterling and it may be worth considering one of our forward contract options, which will protect you against future market losses.

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Will sterling keep up this current trajectory?

Tomorrow is UK Retail Sales and Friday is the latest UK GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data. Both of these releases could easily spark volatility in the market underlining the importance of keeping up to date with the market. In the last few weeks sterling exchange rates have crept up notably against the Euro but we are at multi year highs against pretty much everything! Can sterling keep on this trajectory?

Well early indications seem to think so with recent poor borrowing economic data being ignored in anticipation of an interest rate at hike at some point in the future. As is so often the case with exchange rate it isn’t just which currency is the best, it is that others are very unpopular! Take the Euro for example, we may still see some QE (Quantitative Easing) in the future. This form of ‘printing money’ is very bad for the currency as by increasing the money supply it effectively dilutes the strength of the currency. The UK used QE many years ago and this is one of the reasons the pound dipped to almost parity with the Euro, imagine the detrimental effect QE in the Eurozone would have on GBPEUR rates!

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Bank Of England Minutes Released This Morning – Expect Sterling Volatility (Colm Gilhooly)

The latest Bank of England Minutes are published this morning at 9.30 and could be hugely important to the short term future of sterling exchange rates.  The BofE held interest rates this month despite calls in some quarters for them to start hiking interest rates.  Indeed even some of the members have themselves mentioned that the case for an interest rate hike is more balanced than previously suggesting they must now at least be considering when to hike.

However last month was a unanimous 9-0 in favour of holding interest rates, and if this morning shows the same then sterling could struggle as it would suggest a possible interest rate rise is still a way off yet.  On the other hand if the Minutes show one or more members have voted to hike, then we could see sterling rally further as the prospect of higher UK interest draws closer.

The Euro has wobbled again yesterday on the back of increasing European debt to GDP ratios, and I expect the single currency to remain under pressure in the run up to the next ECB decision where we will find out what the ECB plan to do (if anything) to combat low inflation and growth.  EU unemployment figures come out of the 31st July (a week Thursday) so again if these are not very impressive we could see the Euro slip even deeper.

It has broken below 1.35 against the USD and with the Fed announcement and jobs figures next week I think the Dollar could rally further should they take even a slightly less dovish stance Stateside.  The Aussie Dollar was once again riding up versus the Euro yesterday due to the European debt fears, and Glenn Stevens not mentioning the strength of the currency in his speech the other day.  Overnight Aussie CPI data was reasonably good and has helped the currency strengthen further.

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Sterling exchange rates may be in for a volatile few days to end off the week? (Daniel Wright)

Important Economic data still to come out this week

Following a very quiet start to the week for the Pound here are a few key pieces of economic data due out over the coming few days that may affect the value of Sterling against these major currencies.

The two key days for me may be the Bank of England meeting minutes tomorrow morning at 09:30am followed by BOE Governor Mark Carney speaking in the early afternoon and U.K GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data due on Friday, also at 09:30am.

We are currently still very close to a two year high against the Euro and a nearly at a six year high against the Dollar so trading levels are still extremely attractive for anyone looking to buy either of these two currencies.

Last night we had Governor of the RBA Glenn Stevens speak and he has now once again spoken and confirmed that he is happy with the current monetary policy in Australia, seemingly changing his view that the AUD is too strong and giving the Australian Dollar some early morning strength.

Today – Reasonably quiet for economic data today with the main focus being on U.S inflation data which is due out at 13:30pm this afternoon. As with most U.S data this can have an effect on all major currencies as it does affect global attitude to risk.

Wednesday – Inflation data also starts the day off tomorrow with Australian having their turn this time. Australian inflation data is due out at 02:30am so could be an overnight market mover so if you have a requirement to buy or sell Australian Dollars in the near future it may be prudent to place a limit order or stop loss to either take advantage of a short spike or protect yourself from adverse market movement. Contact me for more details on how these options work.

Tomorrow morning does has the potential to be a big market mover although it has not been led to too much market volatility over the last few months. We have the Bank of England minutes out for the U.K which are from the last interest rate decision. The key will be if any members of the Bank of England have started voting in favour of an interest rate hike, for a long time now the vote has been all nine members of the monetary policy committee in favour of no change but with all the talk of interest rate changes coming closer will anyone have changed their mind?

In early afternoon Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney speaks at 12:24pm so be very aware that investors will be hanging off of his every word so Wednesday for me has real potential to be the most volatile of the week.

For those tracking the New Zealand Dollar we have the RBNZ Interest rate decision out at 22:00pm and a small hike in interest rates is expected, if this happens be cautious of a little NZD strength overnight, if they do not hike as expected then we could see the Pound gain a little back. Again a stop loss or limit order overnight may be a sensible approach.

Thursday  Thursday morning is fairly busy once again with a flurry of services and manufacturing data out for Europe throughout the morning from 8:00am until 9:00am followed by U.K Retail Sales data at 09:30am. Expectations are for a small rise in Retail Sales but as you are all aware these releases don’t always come out as expected.

Friday Once again 09:30am is the key for those following Sterling exchange rates as we have GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data out for the U.K at this time. GDP measures the amount the economy has grown or shrunk within a specific period of time. This can be one of the most important releases of the month an again expectations are for a minor increase year on year but no revision to quarter 2.

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This is ideal if you are in the process of buying a property overseas as you can know exactly how much the property is going to cost you today and eliminate the risk of the Pound dropping away again and missing out on this great opportunity.

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Tomorrows Bank of England minutes and Mark Carney’s speech the next focus for the pound (Mike Vaughan)

Sterling has had a positive day against the Euro but lost ground against the dollar pushing slightly closer to the 1.70 level. This all comes ahead of a very busy day tomorrow with the Bank of England minutes scheduled for release at 09:30 following by a speech from Bank of England Governor Mark Carney at 12:45.

In the minutes the split of the nine members within the monetary policy committee will be shown. My expectation is for a 9-0 split in favour of holding the UK’s base rate at 0.5% and as a result I would not expect any significant movement for sterling exchange rates following the release. However anyone buying Euros or US dollars may wish to hold as if the split was to show a member voted for a rate hike then sterling may have a strong showing in the morning session.

Following the minutes Mark Carney will then hold a press conference. In recent months Carney has always shown a positive tone lending support to the pound, however should he dampen the markets expectation for an interest rate hike the pound could easily fall as a result. With the speech scheduled fro 12:45 keep on your toes as this is bound to be a volatile period for sterling.

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Sterling Remains Strong against the Euro & US Dollar (Tom Holian)

Sterling exchanges rates have remained close to their recent highs this week as data has been a little thin on the ground over the last few trading sessions.

Yesterday, however gave Sterling a lift following a report published by Ernst & Young which suggested that the UK will grow faster than any other economy in the G7. This supports what the IMF had stated earlier this year about UK growth and the report forecast that UK GDP will hit 3.1% this year.

This has led investors to keep their funds in Sterling and kept the Pound supported against both the Euro & US Dollar.

One problem for the UK which is looming is that of wage inflation which has remained rather low. With suggestions that the Bank of England may increase interest rates sooner than the market currently expects this piece of data is likely to take the pressure off.

For the last week Sterling has traded at levels of around 1.26 against the Euro and 1.70-1.71 against the US Dollar. With little on the data front this week all eyes will be on tomorrow’s Bank of England minutes for any clues as to whether or not any members are thinking about a rate hike at the current time.

UK GDP figures are due for release on Friday morning so again this will provide an opportunity for Sterling volatility. If the recent reports by the Ernst & Young Item Club and the IMF are backed up on Friday we could see Sterling improve further against the Euro and US Dollar.

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Big Week For The Pound Next Week (Colm Gilhooly)

It’s been a pretty quiet day today with very little data out of note except in Canada, where inflation and sales figures were slightly higher than forecast helping the Loonie claw back a little bit of ground against the pound from earlier trading, although rates are still pretty attractive to buyers.

To this end it would be worth looking into next week for the main data releases that may affect your currency purchase.

For the Aussie Dollar we have a speech by Glenn Stevens overnight Monday, followed by Inflation figures in the early hours of Wednesday.  The Aussie has also clawed back a bit of ground versus the pound compared with the last 48 hours however I expect the see-saw to continue in the short term until one or other central bank makes a decisive policy change.

For the US Dollar we have CPI data on Tuesday afternoon and Durable Goods orders on Friday- US data recently has been very disappointing so it will be interesting to see if this can turn at all.  At some point it must surely and force the Federal Reserve into a slightly more hawkish stance, but until it does Cable is offering a great buy.

It is a huge week for sterling next week as the pound made big gains recently particularly on the back of this weeks high inflation figures.  However the Bank of England Minutes are published on Wednesday so we will get to see whether any members did indeed vote to hike rate this month.  Last month was a unanimous 9-0 in favour of holding interest rates steady despite some calls and indicators to hike.  If it is the same on Wednesday it could suggest we are still a way off an interest rate rise and the pound may give up some of its recent gains.  However any members voting to hike could give sterling another boost.  We also have GDP for Quarter 2 due on Friday- if this shows the UK economy is still picking up then it will likely consolidate the pounds position and put it in line for further gains.

There is very little European data out next week so I expect the Euro to remain under pressure until the next ECB rate decision rolls around, as investors are nervous what the ECB may do.

Finally the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announce their latest rate decision on Wednesday evening.  The Kiwi has fallen lately as some feel calls for another rate hike may be wide of the mark so expect to see a bit of volatility here.

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Will the pounds positive trend continue? (Mike Vaughan)

Sterling has started he day on a relatively quiet note with the only notable shift being against the Australian Dollar having lost nearly 1 cent between the high and low. Today is a quiet day in terms of any data and I would expect the pound to remain relatively stable against most majors.

Following yesterdays suspected shooting down of a Malaysian airline it is difficult to predict the impact this may have on the markets and may create some volatility as the events surrounding the tragedy unfold. Keep in contact with your broker for updates on the market.

Looking ahead and the main focus for me will be the Bank of England minutes scheduled for release on Wednesday next week. The report will give insight as to how the nine members of the MPC voted in relation to interest rates and will also give clues as to future monetary policy. What the market is looking for is clues as to when the bank is likely to raise interest rates with some analysts forecasting a rate hike during Q4 of this year. For me I still believe the bank will wait until 2015, but it is this speculation that has pushed the pound to a near two year high against the Euro and a six year high against the US dollar. For me I believe this trend is likely to continue and I would expect more value from the pound in the coming weeks.

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Will Current GBP Trend Continue? (Matthew Vassallo)

GBP/EUR rates have moved back through 1.26 on the exchange this week, moving the currency pair up to a two year high. It looked as though Sterling may come under pressure yesterday when UK employment figures were released, with average earnings coming in worse than expected. It quickly recovered however and with unemployment figures holding firm at 6.5%, it is likely the Pound will continue to find support around the current levels.

Looking ahead to the end of the trading week and there is little data of note for the UK. This morning we have some inflation data out for the Eurozone, which could prove to be a key market mover if figures come outside expectation.

GBP/USD rates continue to hold firm above 1.70, despite yesterday’s announcement by FED governor Janet Yellen that the US economy was improving. GBP/USD rates have been trading above 1.70 for some time now and every time the USD spikes and it seems pressure will be on this resistance level, it quickly runs out of steam.

GBP/AUD rates have moved back through 1.83 this week and close to a 3 month high. GBP has performed well against the AUD recently but as yet, we have not seen levels return to the four year highs witnessed at the turn of the year. Personally I feel this is unlikely to happen in the short-term, even more so following the release of the latest Chinese GDP figures. These were released yesterday and showed an improvement from Q1, news which has boosted the AUD this morning and could help to push levels back below 1.82 on the exchange.

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