The New Zealand Dollar continues to go from strength to strength since the dust has settled from the earthquake. The pound hit a high a few weeks ago of 2.2250 but has quickly weakened and reached a low of 2.0550 before pulling back into the 2.06’s yesterday.

It goes to show you how quickly exchange rates can move in a short amount of time. I had a client who secured their Kiwi Dollars they needed for their property purchase on a forward contract when the rate spiked above 2.20. They purchased 250000 NZD and compared to them trading now have saved over £7700. I spoke with them recently and they were absolutely delighted with how much they have saved by deciding to secure there funds on the forward contract.

If you feel that this contract may be suitable for your requirements please feel free to contact us on the enquiry form and an author from this site will be in touch.