GDP Data for the U.K today is key – Purely a revision of quarter one however a large difference to predictions may lead to big swings

Good morning readers, an early start for Pound followers this morning, GDP figures for the U.K are released at 09:30am and as mentioned above, although they are not as important as the initial release, any major change to expectations could easily lead to high volatility.

Expectations are for no change to the first release and for GDP for quarter one to stay at 0.5% so a drop would be worrying and and increase great news.

Gross Domestic Product data generally means whether or not the economy grew or shrank over a period of time (usually measured on an either monthly, quarterly or yearly basis) and should an economy have two quarters of negative growth this leads to them officially being in a recession.

I do not believe the U.K will be heading back this way anytime soon, however there have been many surprises pop up over the past few years, personally it wouldn’t surprise me to see figures as expected if not slightly better this morning, and potentially some Sterling strength today.

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