Sterling Euro Spike – gains for the pound today

Sterling euro exchange rates are closing in on the 1.16 interbank level today, following comments from ECB Economist Otmar Issing who said that Greece is ‘insolvent’.

This has weakened the euro and seen flow into the British pound.  Couple this with poor GDP figures from the US – further reducing the chance of an already slim interest rate hike in the states.  The pound has benefitted in flow from USD to GBP as well and is up half a percent in trading today.

The pound has made good gains against a number of other currencies as well including the New Zealand Dollar GBPNZD, Canadian Dollar GBPCAD and Mexican Peso GBPMXN.  If you have a currency requirement in these or any other currency pair, contact a specialist dealer by filling in the form on the right.  The currency dealer will be able to explain how you can save money on your transfer and benefit from the very best exchange rates.