Bank Of England minutes imminent

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

We are roughly 15 miutes away from the Bank of England minutes… will this bring more weakness for the Pound as new member Ben Broadbent has his opinion released for the first time.

The man he replaced, Andrew Sentance had been extremely in favour of an interest rate hike and should the newbie come out and be against this then we may see weakness for the Pound as it once again indicates that a rate rise in the U.K is to be pushed even further away.

An interest rate hike (or the mere mention of one) is generally seen as positive for the currency concerned as it make it much more attractive to investors. I have an awful lot of clients at present sending their Sterling to Australian bank accounts and biting the bullet on poor exchange rates as they are receiving 7% interest on their funds compared to the poor levels over here…

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