Euro rate hike imminent however Euro suffers and shows weakness as heads turn back to Greek debt crisis

Both the Bank of England and European Central Bank kept rates on hold yesterday lunchtime, however the biggest story of the day came from head of the ECB Jean Claude Trichet, as he promised another rate hike in June.

Generally rate hikes, or the mere mention of them will strengthen a currency however it appears the markets had already priced this in well in advance.

The Euro actually lost ground over the course of the day as big traders took profits from positions as heads turned back towards the Greek debt crisis and how it would effect the Euro in the coming weeks and months.

I am writing this from a small island in Crete on my holidays (much deserved) and I can confirm that from speaking to many people around there are much further problems to come on this one and a lot going on behind the scenes that is still yet to come to light, if you are selling euros it may be extremely prudent to start looking at your options, a forward contract is one of them if you don’t have the full availablility of funds.

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