Sterling Euro Dollar this week ahead – Important data of note

Tomorrow sees a bank holiday over in the States due to Independance day, and the reason you need to be aware of this is that trading will be come much thinner than usual due to no movent in the U.S which could lead to higher volatility so the smallest pieces of data or comments may lead to larger movements than you would see on a normal days trading. If you have an upcoming transaction to carry out it is imperative you inform us so we can keep you up to date with the latest movements that may affect the cost of your transfer.  
This weeks important data
Apart from the obvious weekly market headlines (Greece and the continuing farce surrounding the Euro) there are also three key data releases of note due out towards the end of the week you must know about.
On Thursday at 12:00 we see the bank of England Interest rate decison. No change to rates is expected however all eyes will be on any comments surrounding (Quantitative Easing) and whether or not this is a tool that shall be used again in the near term. QE Is where more money is in effect printed and put back into the economy to try and grease the rust and get it moving, however the mere mention of it generally weakens the pound as it pushes up our already spiraling inflation and may cause further problems down the line.
Following the release by the BOE 45 minutes later at 12:45 we see the European Central bank take their turn with Interest Rates. Head of the ECB Jean Claude Trichet had already stated that he is looking to hike rates at this meeting, should he follow through with this statement the Euro may well strengthen even further however, should we see the opposite and rates stay on hold there could be a buying opportunity arise albeit a small one, contact us today if you have a pending transfer and wish to take advantage of the many tools we have available to make sure you are covered should rates turn against you.
On Friday at 13:30 pm its the turn of America with a release almost as important as interest rates – Non Farm Payroll Data. This data measures the amlunt of people in Non Agricultural employment and the reason it can be so huge for the market is that often the predictions from the experts can be a mile out, meaning what has been priced in by investors before its release could be completely wrong. Keep you eyes peeled on the Dollar on friday afternoon as this one rarely lets us down for volatility!