GBPEUR breeches 1.15

GBPEUR Rejected by 1.17 Price Level Again

GBPEUR has weakened again today as investors continue to baulk at the state of Eurozone debt levels. As discussed last week, it was not even a week and the wheels were falling off the recent ‘resolution’ in the crisis.

I cannot see how this will not continue to remain as a pressure on the exchange rate, particularly with the US debt ceiling issue now resolved. This has caused the dollar to gain about 2 cents, much of which will be investors returning to the dollar due to it’s safe haven status (at the euro’s expense).

The movement today has been close to a cent. The low is 1.1420, the high 1.1494. Do you have time to watch the rate all day? Would you benefit from the service of a specialist currency broker who can not only be your eyes and ears in the market but also secure award winning rate of exchange? Then speak to us!

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