GBPEUR Rate Drops

GBPEUR Rejected by 1.17 Price Level Again

Recent movements on the GBPEUR rate have seriously hampered clients looking to buy euros and helped those selling euros. We have witnessed a drop of over 1% today and the rate had already taken a hit yesterday!

The recent high of 1.1555 has dropped to a low today of 1.1250!

This drop of 2.7% would mean that on a €200,000.00 transfer you would at today’s low be looking at £4692.53 extra cost compared to the high! If you were selling this would of course be reversed.

Why is this and what is going to happen? Well the recent riots have done little to boost investors low levels of confidence in the pound and this morning’s quarterly inflation report by the Bank of England lowered the UK’s growth forecasts. It seems poor times are set to remain for the pound and highlights just how important it is to be ready to move funds when the time is right.

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