Pound Sterling Average Rates Against USD (Dollar) EUR (Euro) AUD (Australian Dollar) CAD (Canadian Dollar) Over 20 Years

I thought people may find it useful to see just what the averages are over the past 20 years against a range of currencies.

Many clients I deal with bought property some time ago and are now selling back, or are looking to buy currency in the near term and only look at where rates have been in the past few months to base what they want to achieve on.

Personally, I feel that in all currency transactions you have to look forward as opposed to looking back and deal with what is curently going on in the markets not what the rate used to be, however this may help some people realise (dependant on which way they are due to be sending their funds) that in the grand scheme of things the rates actually aren’t that bad.


 20 Year High 2.1080

 20 year low  1.3730

Average   1.6560

If you are buying or selling dollars either way you are just about at the average over 20 years, i’m afraid gone are the days of over 2 and under 1.40!


High 1.7450

Low 1.0250

Avg 1.4220

If you are selling Euros it is still a fantastic time to be doing this!


High 3.0220

Low 1.4830

Avg 2.3140

Selling up and coming back from Australia or working over there? What a great time to be bringing your funds back especially if you bought at over 3!


High 2.6490

Low 1.49

Avg 2.1320

Again great time to be bringing funds back, not so great to buy but are things really going to get any better before interest rates in the U.K are hiked?

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