Swiss Franc exchange rate against Dollar, Pound, Euro and all majors as volatile as ever

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

With the mentione from the SNB (Swiss National Bank) that they will be stepping in to devalue the Franc in one of many ways over the course of this week we have seen huge movements for the Franc leading to great opportunities and some extremely volatile times.

I had an eye mainly on GBP – CHF yesterday and it moved over 6 cents throughout the day, if you were buying £200,000 of CHF then you are looking at over £10,000 move of CHF had you bought at the high as opposed to the low of the day.

If you have transfers pending, or you have been caught out with a Swiss Franc mortgage which is getting increasingly more expensive then you need to be in a position to act fast, you can also place different orders in the market that protect you against adverse market movements or assist you should you see a sudden spike in your favour, if you are earning Swiss Francs and want to lock into the current rate for anything up to two years in advance, you can for a small deposit with the use of a forward contract.

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