GBP – USD Performance over the past month as we saw lowest point sice 20th October today…. Is this the start of another drop due to investors risk worries?!

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

As you can see from the graph above the wave of 1.60+ against the Dollar may have gone for the time being… I had though that two weeks ago this would happen as investors just do not know where to turn next… The issue is that the longer uncertainty remains and the longer poor economic data releases are coming out accross the world the more investors are cowering back to the $ and this in turn is giving it strength as demand increases.

In the lead up to Christmas it would not surprise me to see rates drop ever so slightly further so if you have an upcoming Dollar transaction to carry out it may be worth considering your options, if you are Selling Dollars it might be prudent just to keep a close eye  on things in the coming weeks, I could indeed also do this for you if you are generally quite busy day to day, I can then highlight any peaks or spikes in your favour and you then have the option to book out if you so wish.

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