1.20 on the markets! Buying Euros – Looking to trade at 1.20+ ?? Speak to us now!!

1.20 on the markets! It feels good to be saying that on the trading floor today.. Well against many expetcations the euro has weakened again. GBPEUR has broken the 1.20 barrier and this is presenting a great opportunity for savvy clients. With trading levels above 1.20 on a large majority of recent trades we have some very happy clients today!

Are you looking to trade at 1.20 buying Euros? Have you a project in Europe long put off due to the terrible rates on offer in recent years. Well you are looking at this kind of rate today. Exchange rates move every 2 seconds and there are no guarantees, but rest assured we are currency specialists working for one of the UK’s largest currency brokers. We have won awards for our rates and neither Dan, Mike, Colm or myself have been beaten on a deal in as long as I can remember!

If you would like to speak to one of us please fill in the contact form or contact me direct on [email protected] – Please quote JMW and GBPEURO.

If you are serious about moving money at a 1.20 rate I would suggest leaving a phone number so I can quickly explain how it works and you can then make up your mind if you are interested…

And if you have euros you are considering selling I would be very cautious about holding out for movements dramatically back in your favour. Speak to me direct on [email protected] and I will happily explain the economic reasons that mean you may have missed the boat.

1.20 on the markets!!