When will the pound improve against the Euro?

The Pound Continues Its Fightback

Will the Pound recover anytime soon?

Aside from some excellent buying euro rates sterling has had a poor start to the year falling against all majors. Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England (BoE) underlined the challenges ahead last night calling the UK’s recovery ‘long, arduous and uneven’. Hinting at further Quantitative Easing  (QE) and that interest rates will remain low Sir Mervyn laid blame on a global economy readjusting to the excesses of the past. We learned yesterday Public Sector Net Borrowing had fallen by £2.2bn in December, but that total borrowing in the current financial year was now at a record £1tn! This is despite the cuts and austerity undertaken since 2010. Such news combined with Unemployment at a 17 year high and the possibility of a UK already being in recession paints a rather grey picture for the pound. I cannot see any serious gains for the pound on the horizon, indeed things could well get worse this morning.


This news is disastrous for the UK and pound, we are moving backwards at a key stage of our recovery. Bank of England minutes from the latest policy meeting where we will learn how the members voted earlier in the month. Adam Posen, one of the policy makers for the BoE hinted on Monday more QE was ‘probable’ and Mervyn King echoed this last night. These two releases could easily trigger a sterling slide and I would not be surprised to see the pound suffer losing a couple of cents to both Euro and US Dollar, as well as other majors.  

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