GBPEURO.. Which way will it go?!

Brexit vote

The GBPEUR exchange rate is knocking on the door of the best levels we have seen all year for anyone buying Euros and in my opinion well worth taking advantage of.

You see the problem with the pound over the last few years is confidence. With much of the UK’s industry and manufacturing having been moved offshore, the last decades growth was fuelled by global demand for UK services. Banking and Insurance were the real big hitters and with these areas still licking their wounds, quite possibly for years to come, it is unlikely the UK will make any major leaps and bounds forwards. The strength of the pound depends largely on investors confidence in the economic outlook for the UK, hence the pound will remain fragile for many more months and even years. Therfore if looking at GBPEUR thinking things can only better, you may want to take step back a nd reassess your position. If you are unsure about what is driving the rate I can personally assist you with information, just drop me a mail on [email protected]

When moving money internationally the better your exchange rate, the more you get for your money

This may sound obvious but everyday millions of pounds is lost because people do not shop around for a decent rate. They just go through their bank and accept whatever the bank teller offers them. How do I know this? Because I work as a Senior Currency Dealer for one of the UK’s largest currency brokerages. We specialise in commercial exchange rates and can offer this to private clients who need to transfer money electronically from bank to bank. Our business offers a highly personal service which will seem like a breath of fresh air compared to your bank.

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This website is a labour of love by my good friend Daniel Wright, an Associate Director at the company we both work for. Everyday we save new and old clients thousands of pounds by beating the banks and other sources. How can you do this I hear you ask? We trade about half a billion pounds a year and can source an extremely sharp commercial rate of exchange, the savings of which we pass on to you. We make our money on the difference between where we buy and where we sell. Simple.

If you would like to learn more about how it all works, GBPEUR or any other currency pairing trends, please email me, Jonathan Watson on [email protected] and I will be in touch immediately

Thank you 🙂