Will the Pound tumble this morning?

Sterling Forecast and What to Expect this Week

I have highlighted this morning as the opportunity for anyone looking to buy the pound. That is because at 09.30 we have UK Unemployment data and the Bank of England Minutes from their last meeting. Let us have a quick look at why these are important and why they could provide a good opportunity in what is a tough market for anyone selling a foreign currency to buy the pound.

Unemployment – Currently at 8.4% and expected to remain at this level, the number out of work is at 2.67 million. High Unemployment means less tax revenue, higher benefit costs and less consumer spending which all leads to lower growth in an economy. It puts a real strain on the economy and since the UK’s position is not improving fast, is a weight on the pound. If the data comes in this morning better than expected we could see the pound get a lift, but since no change is expected there may not be too much movement. If it has risen, we will surely see some sterling weakness.

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Bank of England Minutes – The MPC (Monetary Policy Commitee) set interest rates for the UK at the Bank of England. There has not been any change since May 2009, but this meeting also determines whether or not more Quantitative Easing will be announced. The meetings takes place on Wednesday of the first full working week in any month, with the decision on the Thursday. Then two weeks later the minutes are released which show how the members voted. This is what we will learn this morning at 09.30. Will we see a sign that more QE is on the horizon? It is these sentiments that will move the pound and are worth being aware of today.

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