Can the pound continue its recent strong run to finish off the week?

Pound to Dollar Forecast: GBPUSD Continues Upward Trend but for How Long?

Sterling exchange rates have fallen slightly this morning but are still set to post strong gains across the board this week, continuing a run that has now seen the pound set some levels not seen for a good while. Notably reaching a high not seen since November 2008 against the Euro, remaining close to a seven month high against the greenback (USD) and trading at year highs against the AUD and NZD. However it is not just the so called major currencies that the pound has posted strong gains and I thought the below table would make interesting reading for regular followers of this website.


% increase
in value over last 12 months

Currency on a £100k transfer

Indian Rupee






Polish Zloty


PLN 83,793

African Rand


ZAR 182,313

Czech Koruna


CZK 395,766

Mexican Peso


MXN 267,168













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To finish off lets take a look at the data today to keep a close eye on:

This morning at 09:30 we have UK PPI (Producer Price Index) data – figures expected to fall sharply from 1.0% to -1% – this could hamper to the pounds recent run this morning.

At 13:30 we have US PPI data – expected to post a small fall from 0.3% to 0.2% – this could cause some small dollar weakness in the afternoon session but I would expect this to be minimal.

Finally also at 13:30 we have Canadian unemployment figures, expected to increase from 7.2% to 7.3% – watch out for the loonie (CAD) to weaken a touch this afternoon, potential creating some good buy opportunities.

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