Elections do lead to Euro weakness as predicted before the weekend – Euro troubles to spiral now?

Pound to US Dollar forecast Volatility expected for GBPUSD exchange rates

Both France and Greece are the talking point this morning following election results that may now weigh heavilly on the Euro in the coming weeks and months.

France’s new socialist Presidente Francois Hollande and his anti austerity agenda may now lead to huge disruption for progress in this European debt crisis as he appears to be against Angela Merkel and previous President Sarkozy’s measures and this may cause political troubles throughout Europe. political instability is one of the main factors that can effect a currency and it would not surprise me to see the Euro continue to struggle (not crash but struggle).

This will cause jitters for the ‘riskier’ currencies such as the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and South African Rand and may lead to further weakness for these particular currencies this week. once again actual economic data appears to be in the background and political problems are not only front page news on currency websites but front page news accross the world.

I can see this really causing big problems (not quite world war three) but not a million miles away. If you are selling a property in Europe and are worried about rate movements then perhaps you are right, I still somehow have clients holding off and waiting for rates to improve and if you look at the facts and figures then it would not surprise me to see rates stay like this or get worse for a period of time.

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