Pound Euro Is still range bound GBP EUR exchange rate forecast

GBP EUR Drops After GDP Misses BoE’s 5% Target

Ireland vote crucial for rates today.

Ireland today goes to the vote following a referendum being called on whether  to comply with further cuts to reach targets set by the EU. A warning was given by their prime minister saying that a no vote would treble the cost of  international borrowing to maintain the country’s public services and state  jobs. This could have a large effect on GBPEUR exchange rates over the next 36
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Pound Euro – Spanish news

In a relatively quiet week pound exchange rates  have remained fairly flat with little movement compared to the last 6 weeks, however I personally believe it is just the calm before the storm; I think the next few weeks will have some surprising news; everyone with a currency position  should review their situation with a specialist asap. From tomorrow onwards all
eyes will again return to Greece and Spain with data expected to change exchange  rates widely.

I think most specialists agree that it is the Spanish economy that will  become the main story in the near future. Their Stock market is at a 20 year  low, unemployment at record highs and their banking system is failing.  Market  sentiment weakened further yesterday as their 10-year bonds climbed to their  highest level so far this year on Tuesday, approaching the critical 7%
threshold. It seems that the Bank of Spain is failing to convince investors that  they will not need an international bailout

A majority of the problems have been a result of their property bubble  popping, the Bank of Spain estimates it may have up to €180 billion in bad debt  which many think may be more than the Eurozone can raise.

As a result I would expect GBPEUR to be range  bound within 1.24-1.2570 over the next 7 days assuming no major surprises crop up.  If you are looking at trading in the near future contact  us today and we can pro-actively help you try and catch your target.

Italian Banks next in line?

Pressures over Eurozone debt also forced the Italian government to pay higher  rates yesterday as their five years bonds climbed to 5.66%, compared with the  4.86% in April.

A rate above 7% is considered to be unsustainably high and in the past has  resulted in Greece, Portugal and the Republic of Ireland receiving international bailouts.

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