Pound Euro still close to three and a half year high – Exchange rates still very good unless you are selling Euros – Will this continue?

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

Those with an upcoming currency interest may wish to keep a close eye on polls leading up to the elections, over the weekend it appears that the New Democracy party is just edging things as it stands, however I expect to see this shift numerous times in the lead up to the elections and I expect the markets to be very jittery in the next few weeks as well.

Whenever the Anti Austrerity party sticks their neck in front I would not be surprised to see the riskier currencies such as the AUD, NZD and ZAR become a little cheaper to buy and I would imagine the Dollar should strengthen too as it tends to when there are global concerns and slowing attitude to risk.

Should the New Democracy party look like they may potentially win then we may see quite the opposite, along with a little strength for the Euro.

Personally, if you have transfers to carry out I don’t feel this is a market to mess around with unless you are a serious gambler as absolutely anything can happen… Friday nights tend to be the big negative release time for Europe and you could have a weekend spoilt very easily should you be looking to sell Euros and another Spanish bank announcement comes in while the markets are closed and there is nothing you can do about it.

Regarding the Australian Dollar – The RBA Governor Stevens has mentioned overnight that we will more than likely see further rate cuts and that the Chinese slowdown is concern, however the rate cuts appear to already be priced in and it will take a while for China to really start to affect the AUD too badly. Feel free to take a look at one of our sister sites www.australiandollarforecast.com if you have a keen interest in the AUD as this is regularly updated purely with a focus on the Australian Dollar.

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