Topics in the market affecting where GBPEUR will go

GBP EUR Starts the Week with 1.1800 Test

There are a number of topics in the market regarding Europe that is ready to break, these include:

  • The Greek election,
  • Whether the Greek government can survive until then as money pours out of their banks,
  • Whether Greece stays in the euro,
  • The new French governments views on the creation of a Euro Bond,
  • The French option on the timescales of repaying debt, (Spain, Italy and Greek among others are asking for this to be relaxed),
  • The Spanish banking systems surviving the property bubble bursting,
  • And the list goes on …..

Each of these could have a fundamental change and will affect GBPEUR and potentially the future of the world’s second currency!

Plus, we are very unlikely to get any notice or warning of change. A statement will just be made and the world could change.

As a result rates these last few weeks have been increasing volatile with very large swings. It seems to be a race between Greece running out of money and the ECB (European Central Bank) relaxing their repayment schedule. Every reader of this should be aware of their risk in the market and be prepared for the worst while aiming for the best.

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