Pressure on the Single Currency Continues but Concerns Over Stability of UK Economy Resurfacing

Will GBPEUR Remain Above 1.20

I wanted to take a moment before embarking on my next blog to thank our vast and growing reader base for all their positive comments about the site and their continued interest in our currency views. Your feedback has been invaluable and we appreciate any comments, both positive and negative, that will continue to help us impove and taylor the website specifically towards our readers needs.

Moving on and Wednesday has seen Sterling fall off against both the EUR and USD by the close of European trading and has offered a welcome opportunity for all those clients selling euro or USD. We have been continually bombarded over recent months with negativity surrounding the global economy and the sceptics amongts us will require far more than just potive words from the powers that be, before any long-term market confidence is restored.

The on-going economic struggles of multiple EU countries, particularly Greece, Spain and Italy have severely hampered the single currency and its ability to break free from its current stranglehold. It’s as if a positive statement is quickly eradictaed by two neagtive ones and anyone who follows the markets closely, ‘as this particular analyst does on a daily basis’, can be forgiven for being close to despair on more than one occassion.

I suppose the million pound question has to be, which direction will the GBP/EUR currency pair take next?

In total honesty if I had the answer to that question I would probably not be writing this blog (or if I was it would in the tranquil surroundings of somewhat sunnier climbs) and the honest answer is unfortunately no one does. What we can do however is make educated guess’s and provide facts to back up our argument and that is essentially what we try and provide our readers with. We also provide market analysis and updates for over 40,000 clients, as well as provding some of the most competitive exchange rates in the country.

The way I am viewing the current economic climate in Europe is with the glass half full, which may well surprise many of you. The fact is the EU could not lose much more market confidence and with the official bailout request coming from Spain and Cyprus over the past week (it should be noted that these were both expected) I do wonder if we have almost hit rock bottom. With the annoucnement of EU leaders ’10 year vision’ to save the eurozone and the recent formation of a new Greek government, which seems to have eased some market tension, I do feel the tide is starting to turn and whilst it would be foolish to suggest that Europe’s problems are over, I do feel better times for the euro may be on the horizon.

Shifting the focus back to the UK and we already know that growth forecasts have been cut for the remainder of 2012. Further Quantitative Easing is also extremely likely over the coming months and if Mervyn King is to be believed, there are many reasons to suggest the recent highs GBP has been enjoying won’t necessarily last.

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