EURO news, forecast of when to buy euros and when to sell euros

GBPEUR rates have climbed this week and we again have traded close to a 4 year high.  This opportunity happened yesterday (Thursday,) and clients that were ready to move saved themselves almost €900 per £100,000 exchanged compared to today.  It is another example that keeping an eye on the markets can really make a difference and is the service provided by most currency brokers.  I myself helped 8 clients yesterday buy close to the high saving them all a good lump of money.  If you are reading these blogs with an interest because you have an exchange to make feel free to contact us for the same service.

Next week there are a few data releases expected to create similar opportunities so if you missed out this week there is a good chance for you.

Data next week includes:


  • Euro – Construction output – This has been shrinking recently and another negative figure could help people buying the euro


  • EURO – Spainish bond auction – This gives us a better understanding of the confidence in Spain, if they have to offer bigger yeilds again euro could weaken
  • UK – Public sector net borrowing – this tells us how much money the government is borrowing to keep the economy afloat


  • EURO – Meeting between top finacial ministers – could give us a better indication around forecats for growth


  • EURO – Germany GDP Figures – Germany, the biggest economy in the single state is seen as the bank of europe, so if this improves the euro will strenghten helping euro SELLERS
  • EURO – Consumer confidence – Key to the personal spending across Europe and one to watch.

If you are needing information about how to maximise your trade keep re-visiting our blog or contact us. We can happily help design a strategy for your situation with the aim of saving you money.

For more information or to make sure you are getting the best exchange rate either call us today on 01494 787 478 and ask for myself STEVE EAKINS, or contact me directly via my email – [email protected]