Euro Exchange Rate Forecast

GBP/EUR exchange rates creep up over the course of the trading week

The current climate is one of great uncertainty due to the real lack of solutions being offered in the debt crisis. Mario Draghi’s attempts to lower borrowing costs is purely symbolic. It is not a measure that itself will create growth in Spain and Italy, or indeed Greece.

How can the Euro be fixed? A wide range of measures need to be committed to and undertaken to really restore confidence in the Euro and quite frankly I just cannot see this happening anytime soon. The Euro looks to be in real dangerous territory and this is not just affecting the Euro currency, but also the global economy.

So how can I make sure I do not suffer or indeed how I can benefit in such a market? The answer is easy, speak to one of the team here at GBPEURO. We are a team of currency brokers whose job it is to get our clients the very best exchange rates form the markets. We can beat all of the high street banks and other sources of currency because we buy at a very sharp commercial exchange rate.

We can save about 4%versus a typical bank transaction which may not sound like much, but this equates to 400 GBP on every 10000 GBP transferred saved. Still sound like not much? For international transfers where clients have budgets to stick to, movement on exchange rates can cause tragic headaches. Trading currency is almost a type of informed gambling since no one (even the most savvy investor) can predict what will happen.

Because of the uncertainty any extra assistance you can get to guide you through the confusing field of foreign exchange is worthwhile. If you have any currency transfers to consider why not find out for free if you could save money by speaking to me. If you would like to find out more information please contact me directly on [email protected] or call 01494 787 478