Are we Witnessing the Calm Before the Storm? (Matthew Vassallo)

Pound to Dollar Rate Drops to One-month Low

Thursday has seen a relatively flat day for the GBP/EUR currency pair, as the markets seem to be waiting for the next significant move either in Europe or the UK. The pound has struggled to make any inroads today, despite a drop in UK unemployment and today’s announcement that retail sale figures were up in September. Both of these would usually be viewed as a positive for Sterling but whilst our growth forecasts remain weak, it is difficult for the Pound to make any significant moves back towards the four year highs we witnessed in the summer.

Personally I think this is the calm before the storm, with a significant move likely sooner rather than later. This could be towards 1.22 if GBP continues to come under pressure, or back through 1.24 if economic problems in Europe deepen. I can’t imagine it will be long before Spain finally receive the bailout we are all expecting but how this will affect the eurozone and the GBP/EUR currency pair is difficult to say. In my opinion it is highly dependent on whether Spain can keep their borrowing costs down. Low interest will make the bailout repayments more manageable, whilst higher yields will do the opposite.

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