EUR Strength Amid Rumours of Further QE for the UK

GBPEUR Levels Back Near the Recent Highs as Investor Concerns on the Euro Heighten

The EUR continued to strengthen against GBP during Tuesday’s trading, with rumours rife that the markets were starting to factor in a further round of Quantitative Easing in the UK. This annoucncement could come as early as Thursday, when the Bank of England will make a decision on whether to cut interest rates, in addition to any announcement of further QE. These decisions are seen as key to the next major move on the GBP/EUR currency pair and many people will be waiting for the outcome of this before deciding when to initiate their next currency transfer.

It is worth remembering that the markets will ususally start to factor in any major economic decisions before the actual announcement and the one thing we can be certain of is investors will do everything in their power to be one step ahead of the game. For this reason, it is often in the build up to any economic releases that the markets will move according to the likely outcome. This is not full-proof of course but it is why we may see the EUR continue to strengthen over the next couple of days and then find there is not much movement come any announcement on Thursday, assuming it has gone as predicted that is.

The EUR has been making headway since the start of the week, with rates moving back under the 1.25 resistance barrier and providing EUR sellers with an additional £1,300 on a 200,000 EUR/GBP, compared to the same transfer on Monday morning. This is a key indicator as to why it is so improtant to have a currency broker actively working with you to ensure you are maximising each and every transfer, no matter how large or small.

This market uncertainty can be difficult to digest, especially if you have an
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