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GBP EUR Looks to Employment Figures for Support

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What data to watch out for the week?

Starting tomorrow we have both the EU and UK CPI (Consumer Price Index) data released at 09:00 and 09:30 respectively – both reflect inflation levels in both Europe and the UK and will give some influence to each central bank with regards to monetary policy. From the UK’s point of view inflation is expected to show a small increase, however the data from Spain and Italy will be more closely scrutinised. Should inflation levels be falling this may give future scope for the European Central Bank to cut rates (as some expect) in the months to come and this may keep pressure on the Euro.

On Wednesday we have UK unemployment figures at 09:30 and the Bank of England inflation report at 10:30. Anyone with an interest in the pound should keep a very close eye on this as again this will give clues for future monetary policy.

On Thursday look out for UK retail sales at 09:30 and EU GDP figures at 10:00. GDP expected to show a positive 0.7% figure. Any deviation from this and expect movement for the Euro.

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