Sterling Euro exchange rates remain flat – All eyes on the Bank of England?

The Pound has continued to stay fairly steady in early morning trading today with no major movements of note so far.

We have the on-going Greeks issue which until firmly resolved appears to be leaving Sterling – Euro rates reasonably range bound along with the Sterling – Dollar rate being in a similar situation with the Fiscal Cliff – Any major news on this may lead to a swing in risk appetite and could easily effect all major currencies.

The Reserve Bank of Australia meeting minutes from the latest interest rate decision failed to throw up anything of interest for investors either negative or positive for the AUD and I think the big talking point this week may be the Bank of England minutes.

This is tomorrow morning at 09:30am and unless we see anything of great note then we may all be in for a bit of a non event of a week exchange rate wise.

As always though there are always surprises around the corner so be very much aware that the tide could turn at any moment, especially in this current climate so you need to make sure you have a market specialist on your side, we can be your eyes and ears on the market and of course can get you the very best exchange rate when you do decide you want to book out a rate of exchange.

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