GBPEUR rates steady but for how long? (Steve Eakins)

GBP EUR Higher as Inflation Jumps Again

Rates this year have been fairly standard but there are many storied that could change the fair of euro prices in the near future including; Italian politics, US debt ceiling, UK borrowing costs, USA Q3 news and French tax systems.  All of these stories are expected to develop over the next 4 weeks and each could change the price of buying euros.

On-top of that we have all the standard economic data releases that we cover here on almost a daily basis. The next week includes the following key data releases:

  • European Production Price index
  • UK Retail sales
  • European Consumer confidence
  • European Industry date
  • European Retail figures
  • European Unemployment data
  • UK Trade Balance
  • Interest rate decisions in UK
  • Interest rate decisions in Europe
  • QE decisions in UK
  • Asset buying update in Europe
  • UK Industrial Productivity
  • UK Manufacturing Productivity
  • UK Bond Auctions

All of these will have a forecast before had that will be priced into the market, when each is released if the data shows a different figure than expected markets will then move again. It is these new releases that tradionally move the markets and is why if you are looking to move money you need to watch the markets constantly to achive the best price.  Here we provide a pro-active service helping achive just this. Helping you potentially time your buys at the top of the market while still giving access to the award winning rates of exchange avalible at a commercial level.  For example we trade in excess of £500,000,000 annually giving us access to these better prices.

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