Sterling – Euro rates continue the decline – U.K data and weather leading to a miserable start to the year for those holding Pounds :( For anyone selling Euros to buy Pounds you currently have a late Christmas present! (Daniel Wright)

The Pound once again had a terrible week against the Euro and indeed the majority of major currencies as bad new continued to come out for the U.K in terms of economic data and indeed well known high street stores going into difficulty.

Personally, i’m not worries about the stores that have found trouble as I believe if you look at each one individually none of them have actually moved with the times quick enough  and got involved in the ever changing technology that you need to offer as a business in these times to make life easy for the consumer.

The real worry is the mountain of poor economic data we have had so far this year, everything is now pointing towards poor GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures this week which could (although probably expected now) give us a further kick whilst we are down and will also get the media back on to the ‘Triple dip recession’ bandwagon!

The Euro however seems to be ever popular and bond auctions are surprising everyone at the moment as they are showing a great demand, i’m not sure what these high end investors know that I don’t but i’m fairly sure my money wouldn’t be going anywhere near Spanish or Italian bonds – I would rather put the money on the Grand National! Either way people are investing in the Euro and in turn it is gathering strength rapidly, with the head of the European Central Bank also seemingly confident (or at least showing confidence in his speeches) there could still be a little way to go for this trend.

Be warned however as members of the European Central Bank are starting to become concerned at the value of the Euro so I wouldn’t expect to see much more strength myself – I can only say what I would do if I had Euros to sell and I would be fairly tempted to get something booked out reasonably soon to take advantage of such a great movement in your favour.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend, i’m off to shovel the snow off of my driveway! 🙁