Sterling exchange rates falling through the floor. (Ben Amrany)

It has turned out to be an extremely poor day for sterling sellers as the pound has weakened to worse the levels in 5 months against the USD trading at 1.5743, currently at a 14 month low against the Euro trading at 1.1498 and the pound has also lost over 1% on the day against the CHF, NZD, ZAR SEK. The pound is down against all the majors.

The losses that the pound has recently been witnessing does not seem to be slowing at any time soon. In fact today we had UK manufacturing data out which was worse than what the markets were predicting. This is showing that there is a real possibility that the UK could dip back into a triple dip recession and is really hindering the pound. Plus the further the UK economy contracts the potential that the UK’s borrowing costs could rise is threatening our AAA rating.

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Ben Amrany