How to get the best euro rates this week

GBPCHF Exchange Rates Reach Highest Levels Since Mid-March

Getting the best euro rate is achieved by an understanding of what is driving the markets and anticipating where the market will go. This is by no means an exact science, if it was everyone would do it! Nevertheless an understanding of the behaviour of the market can lead to much better exchange rates.

This week I expect that the GBPEUR rate will drop towards the end of the week. This is because there is an anticipation that the Bank of England will embark on yet further rounds of Quantitative Easing. This serves to weaken the pound as it reflects a diminishing confidence in the currency. The pound has also had a fairly bad run of data so far this month and I would not be surprised to see this continue.

Thursday is the key day as this is the decision on QE by the Bank of England. Despite some better than expected UK data this morning there is still a good chance of QE. I expect rates could drop by a cent or two if that is the case. To ensure you do not suffer and can benefit at the hands of a falling market please feel free to contact me for live updates. My name is Jonathan and I work as a specialist foreign exchange broker. My job is to get my clients the very best rates of exchange. Even if your transfer is just a one off, I can help save you money. For further information please email me your situation [email protected]