Sterling Euro exchange rates may have a volatile day tomorrow

Pound to Euro Drops as Virus Drama Returns to London

Tomorrow we have interest rate decisions for both the U.K and Europe which may lead to quite a volatile trading period between the hours of 12:00pm and 15:00pm

No change in interest rates is expected for either however any comments on future fiscal policy may lead to rapid exchange rate movements as investors hang off of every word.

Should the Bank of England not announce anything too worrying for the U.K  then all eyes will be on head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi and his press conference due at 13:30pm – Depending on comments from Draghi the Euro may either be in for a bashing or could strengthen with a great pace so for those of you looking to buy or indeed sell Euros it is key that you have a proactive currency broker on your side.

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An update on market sentiment, HSBC seem to think that rates are going to drop away further for Sterling as per this article