Pound Sterling Forecast GBPAUD, GBPNZD, GBPCAD, GBPZAR. If you are selling these currencies to buy the pound what are you waiting for?

Pound Increases Against the US Dollar Despite Falling Inflation

A shift in attitudes towards the global economy has caused sterling to spike against these currencies.  Against these currencies we are currently trading at some of the best rates of 2013! With renewed uncertainty over the global economy due to a slowdown in China and falling commodity prices these excellent buying rates may improve, consequently if you are selling these currencies AUD, NZD, CAD and ZAR what are you waiting for?

GBPAUD – Overnight the RBA kept the interest rates on hold. This helped the Aussie to find some strength but a resurgent pound has clawed back many of the gains. Whilst the Aussie remains one of the most attractive currencies due to the strong economy signs that growth has faltered and worries over falling international demand for their raw materials has hurt the Aussie. If selling Australian dollars it is tempting to look at rates of a few weeks ago and feel that you have missed out. However just look at the big picture. The rate is significantly better than those of previous years and with the UK having now turned a corner with positive growth in the first quarter, the GBPAUD rate looks unlikely to retest those kind of levels. If you are considering an exchange involving GBPAUD I can keep you updated on the latest trends and make sure you buy at the best rates. Please feel free to contact me Jonathan on [email protected] or call 01494 787 478 and ask to speak with me Jonathan.

GBPNZD – Rates lately for buying the Kiwi have greatly improved. As with the Aussie many have been saying the Kiwi has been wildly overvalued. Remember markets are driven by sentiment as well as fact and in the current climate the sentiment is favouring those buying Kiwis, hence it may get worse for Kiwi sellers. It is likely this sentiment will remain and as such if you are selling the Kiwi to buy GBP moving sooner looks to be the most sensible option. If you are buying or selling New Zealand dollars I can provide all of the information you need to plan the transfer back to the UK and help to make an informed decision and trade at the best rates.

GBPZAR – The Rand has completely run away weakening to 5 year lows against the pound. A steady few days of profit taking have seen the rate fall back under 15 but it still remains an excellent buying opportunity. If you missed out on those excellent levels do not despair it could easily go back up. A combination of poor economic news and worries over the political situation too have unsettled ZAR prices. With gold and other commodities falling in value the Rand looks sure to remain at a good level to buy. If you are looking to sell Rand, once again it may be wisest to move sooner to avoid disappointment. For the latest new on GBPZAR please contact me directly on [email protected] . I can help with much better rates than the banks and guide you thorough the process of moving money internationally in the quickest and most efficient way. We beat banks by up to 5% and can beat the prices offered by other money exchange services. Even a small saving of say a quarter or half a cent on big volumes make a huge difference to the currency you receive. Speak to me to find out much you could save.

GBPCAD – The Loonie has not weakened in the same way as the Rand or Kiwi but is more attractive to buy than at the start of the week. The Canadian dollar follows the US dollar in as much as 75% of Canada’s trade is done with the US. Low expectations on the price of Oil in the coming months and slightly lower global demand of raw materials means the Canadian Dollar may yet weaken further. The Canadian dollar is much more stable than the currencies above but responds to international sentiment in a simlair fashion. Whatever the rate does I can help get you a better deal and explain all your options. Please feel free to contact me Jonathan on [email protected]

I work as a specialist currency broker that has won awards for our exchange rates. We not only undercut the banks and other currency dealers but assist with information to help plan and manage your exchange. If you would like more information relating to the forecast for your particular exchange please contact me directly using [email protected] or call 01494 787 478 and ask to speak to me Jonathan. Even if your exchange is just a one off we can help save you money!

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