Where next for the pound and the euro?

Today is one of the most important dates on GBPEUR rates in a longtime. GBPEUR has been trapped between 1.16 and 1.18 for a little while now and it is time we broke free of current levels. I personally would not be surprised to see sterling get a lift as the GBP bias has been very much prevalent despite the better data lately.

The scope for uncertainty is fairly wide and the pound has consequently remained under pressure. If you have a transfer to make involving pounds and euros, we can help with much better levels than banks and other sources. Are you unsure about what course of action to take in the coming weeks? If so I can help explain the current market and guide you through the ins and outs of moving funds internationally. Please feel free to contact me Jonathan anytime for information on getting the best deals and understanding the forecast [email protected]

Mark Carney is lucky in that just as he arrives the data is better. I think more interesting will be the ECB decision and press conference later in the afternoon today. I expect GBPEUR to creep slightly higher with a top end of 1.18.

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