Has GBPEUR reached a peak?

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: The Week Ahead June 12th

GBPEUR has climbed a massive 3 cents in the last couple of weeks which is a huge improvement and most unexpected. The current GBPEUR forecast is that this improvement will not climb much higher, why is this?

Top of the market?

The good news for the UK is now well and truly out in the marketplace. The chances of us seeing significant better UK data is very slim. Tomorrow’s Public Sector Net Borrowing data could easily prove the UK is still very much under the cosh financially and weaken GBP.

Good news in Eurozone

Just lately we have had lots of good news in the eurozone including them coming out of a recession. This has helped the Euro to strengthen and means any major sell off on the Euro is unlikely.

When should I buy or sell euros?

I think that if you are selling euros current rates are well worth taking advantage of. Conversely if you are buying it might be worth seeing if the pound spikes up a little more later this week with the UK GDP figures.

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