Sterling update – FX news – Buying Euros – Selling Euros (Steve Eakins)

Sterling exchange rates have generally been on the way up and the trend looks likely to continue this week.  A view in the market yesterday that it might have climbed too quickly was squashed earlier today when data showed that the UK government borrowed less than last month.  Later this week we also have UK GDP figures which are expected to show an improvement – This is the second revision for Q2 figures.  What is worth saying however is that the currency market never moves in a straight line so timing a trade will always be important to get the best rate of exchange.  Even if you are trading a small amount these movements can make a significant difference.  For example over the last 3 weeks we have seen a difference of over 3 ½ cents on GBPEUR and 4 ½ cents on the GBPUSD prices.

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Steve Eakins