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The Pound Continues Its Fightback

Sterling prices remain worryingly close to the 1.20 level it has visited on only a handful of occasions this year. In the past following the levels breaching 1.20 we find levels fall below within a few weeks.  Very concerning for GBP sellers who are buying property or other assets in the single currency.  Later today we have the UK Budget statement, UK and European Interest Rate decisions meaning I would be surprised if we did not see rates change by upwards of a cent today.  A
majority of the data is released within a tight time period of between 11-2 GMT.  Spikes will probably be avalible and we could easily revitis the highest or lowest levels seen in weeks.

Meaning that if you are in the position looking at moving currency today is very important.  If you would like any assistance with your transfer please feel free to contact the author via email – [email protected] or on the phone number at the top of the page.  The gentleman’s name is STEVE EAKINS