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Pound to Euro Exchange Rate with UK Election Heating Up

The pound was rocking and rolling against the Euro this morning spiking up to a level breaching over 1.22. Then at 10.00 am the Euro zone released their inflation figures which came out better than what the markets were expecting and the Euro strengthened to 1.2090.

Disinflation has been one of the biggest concerns for the region as low inflation will hinder growth for the whole region. The figures this morning meant that it has given the European Central Bank some room for maneuver in not having to look at cutting interest rates next week.

There have even been rumours that the ECB may look at cutting interest rates next week which would have heaped further pressure on Euro sellers. I feel this is now unlikely but a surprise cut in rates could help GBP/EUR spike over 1.22 again.

In other news the European Union has revised upward its forecasts for economic growth. The news comes as Greece aims to secure another slice of its bailout money after posting a budget surplus. In Italy, the new government has pledged to turn around the stagnant economy. So is this the beginning of the end of the euro crisis? I personally think not but only time will tell.

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