Pound euro rates improve again!

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

The pound to euro rate has improved again as the Bank of England has raised growth forecasts for the UK. Just what can we expect in the coming weeks? With the recent floods causing a crisis in the UK that will undoubtedly affect the UK economy I would not rule out GBP weakness on this pair in the future.

Rates have already dipped from yesterday’s spike higher and we may yet see further losses. Getting the best exchange rate is achieved through the service of a currency broker such as ourselves. We can offer you the very best market exchange rates as well as all the information to make an informed decision on when to actually execute your transaction.

If you need to sell pounds for euros or euros for pounds keeping up to date with the latest trend and forecast could be crucial to getting the most for your money. To learn more about what is driving your exchange rate please contact me Jonathan on [email protected]