Will the Euro continue to strengthen against the pound after tomorrow’s key data releases? (Ben Amrany)

GBP EUR Exchange Rate: Weekly Review July 16  

The pound has continued to weaken against the Euro in anticipation of the key data releases being released tomorrow. All within the space of a few hours we will learn how the markets will react to the Bank of England minutes, unemployment data and the budget. If you are concerned about the outcome of the releases then feel free to contact myself Ben Amrany at [email protected] and I can discuss the options available to you.

UK Unemployment figures

Currently sitting at 7.2% the markets have been eagerly watching this release ever since the BoE Governor Mark Carney stated that once unemployment falls below 7% they would consider hiking interest rates. Last month was the first month that the figure came out worse than expected. If we see the rate head back down towards the 7% level then this could cause a spike as the debate about interest rate hike will come into force once again.

Bank of England MPC Minutes

This release gives us an indication on what way members of the MPC voted on interest rates and QE from the decision two weeks ago. It is always very interesting to see how many members have voted for a rate hike or for it to stay the same. Recently all members have voted for interest rates to stay at the same 5 year low of 0.5%. Should just one member vote for a rate hike then again this could give the pound a slight boost and if economic data continues to be positive this will be one to watch over the next few months.

UK Budget

Always very hard to predict how this will affect the pound. Chancellor George Osborne will no doubt confirm how all the recent austerity cuts have helped the economy to grow in the last year and give himself a big pat on the back. He will be aware as all of us are that the recovery is far from over. This could mean that he implements further cuts and tax hikes to continue to try and reduce the countries budget deficit.

If you are looking at buying or selling the pound in the run up to this extremely busy period you may be wise to look at your exchange in advance of Wednesday to limit your exposure to currency fluctuations.

I feel you will see the pound be fairly stable up until Wednesday and if you see a spike in the right direction my recommendations would be to capitalise and not take too much risk.

If you are in the situation needing to move money internationally and looking for the best price – please feel free to contact the author – Ben Amrany – via the telephone number at the top of the page or via email at [email protected]