GBPEUR at 6 week high – probably best price for April

Pound to Dollar Rate Drops to One-month Low

GBPEUR rates have spiked up over a cent compared to the lows at the beginning of the week. This can be attributed to two main reasons; firstly Sterling Strength was seen this morning when Unemployment was shown to have fallen under 7% to the lowest levels for years, secondly with data from the Europeans confirming that inflation has continued to fall.

I personally think these current levels near to a 6 week high will be the highest for the rest of the month, so if you are buying euros this week today may be the best time you get. Profit will be taken later today and when the US market opens eyes will probably remain on Ukraine rather than the GBPEUR situation.

In the short term however timing a trade will remain important to getting the best price. Here we offer a pro-active service helping people achieve just that. So if you are looking at trading the GBPEUR pairing it is always worth getting in contact; at the very least you will have another view on the markets, best results are that you will see a saving compared to your current provider.  The second however is by far the normal result!  Contact myself – STEVE EAKINS – either via my personal email at [email protected] or by calling on the normal number +0044 (0) 1494 787478.

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