GBP/EUR back over 1.21. Attractive buying Euro rates (Ben Amrany)

Key UK inflation figures were released this morning and has given the pound a tidy boost after weakening against many of the majors overnight. UK BRC retail sales monitor came in much lower than expected with a reading of -1.7%  against the consensus of -1.0% This did hurt the pound in early morning trading with GBP/EUR falling to 1.2067. Inflation figures measuring 1.6% assisted a rebound. Now although CPI is below the Government’s 2% target many analysts were predicting a steeper fall which would have raised questions whether the UK economy could cope with an interest rate hike next year.

The retail figures go to show that competition on the high street is fierce and is assisting this drop in Inflation. Now, should inflation remain low and stay below wage rises then this will give the BoE some relief that an interest rate hike next year could be coped with by the economy. This is what has given the pound a boost. If wages rise at a lower rate than  the inflation figure then the public would have less to spend and could cause a hole within the economy and the chances of a rate hike would be less likely hence harming the pound.

Looking forward tomorrow at 9.30 the key employment numbers for the UK will be very heavily scrutinized as the unemployment number is being directly linked to when an interest rate hike may occur due to the Mark Carney’s (Governor of the Bank of England) previous comments that interest rates may rise when unemployment falls below 7%.  The number is expected to fall from 7.2% to 7.1% Although this does not sound like a big movement the mere fact that we may get closer to 7% could give the pound a boost tomorrow morning against a host of the majors.  

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